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Infield Chatter Season Finale

Last podcast of the year probably, we review the Diamondbacks season and other stuff

I know you're devastated, here's what we talked about

  • We look at the season as a whole for the Diamondbacks, what was good, what was bad.
  • This was recorded Friday so football score jokes abound.
  • We throw down on you commenters, with some hot takes
  • More frantic googling of things!
  • We talk about what moves the Diamondbacks should/shouldn't make in the offseason
  • We talk about the playoffs, who we'd like to win, who we think should win.
  • I was hungover sick when we recorded, so I sound a bit out of it at times.
For the last time in 2015 download here, stream below. Thank you for listening this year, we appreciate it and hope to bring you more madcap randomness in 2016.