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Diamondbacks 2, Astros 6

The Diamondbacks had another chance play spoiler tonight at Chase Field. On the plus side, we didn't concede 21 runs.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Jeremy Hellickson gave the Diamondbacks a typically Jeremy Hellickson kinda outing. It wasn't very good, but it sucked in a low-key enough way that you never felt aggrieved he was on the mound. Hellickson went five innings, allowing seven hits and three runs, with no walks and three strikeouts. The bullpen... Didn't suck as much as they did last night, but Randall Delgado, David Hernandez and Matt Reynolds all allowed a run in relief, Reynolds giving up another homer to the only batter he faced.

There wasn't much on offense, except for Paul Goldschmidt's 32nd home-run of the season. He was on base three times in total. Socrates Brito also showed off a cannon of an arm in the second inning, to gun down a runner trying to tag up on a sacrifice fly. But the game was, overall, just more forgettable than last night. We get one final crack at the Astros tomorrow, and they will clinch a post-season spot unless we can avoid a sweep.