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The Diamondbacks 2016 rotation: The SnakePit has spoken

On Monday we asked the SnakePit to choose which of the contenders currently with the club should be part of the rotation in 2016. Here are the results...

He's #1! He's #1! Patrick Corbin is an almost unanimous pick to be in our rotation next year.
He's #1! He's #1! Patrick Corbin is an almost unanimous pick to be in our rotation next year.
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

There were a total of 267 submissions by the time polls closed at 1pm today. However, 17 of these had to eliminated for one reason or another: mostly picking more than five (some people clearly can't read!), but also for being blank. I also eliminated three ballots, submitted in the same minute, which only had one name on them, and there were a couple of other dubious entries that were filtered. Still that left us with a hefty 250 from which to draw. And here are the results, in descending order of SnakePit love, and also in a graphical format, suitable for framing...

Name Pct% Votes
Patrick Corbin 96.8% 242
Robbie Ray 78.8% 197
Archie Bradley 63.6% 159
Rubby De La Rosa 63.2% 158
Aaron Blair 46.8% 117
Chase Anderson 40.8% 102
Zack Godley 26.4% 66
Daniel Hudson 20.0% 50
Jhoulys Chacin 16.4% 41
Jeremy Hellickson 6.8% 17
Braden Shipley 6.4% 16
Andrew Chafin 3.2% 8
Josh Collmenter 3.2% 8
Randall Delgado 3.2% 8
Allen Webster 1.2% 3

We can divide these into three groups, so let's talk about these in more detail.

Probables: Patrick Corbin, Robbie Ray, Rubby De La Rosa, Archie Bradley + Aaron Blair

Corbin was a near-unanimous selection, probably no surprise, as even allowing for his return from Tommy John surgery, he was our most consistent and effective starter. Previous discussions here have shown Ray to be a deeply-divisive figure, but it looks like the majority of participants are on his side. A little surprised by so much support for De La Rosa, given a 4.67 ERA. that was the highest of our regular starters; I guess the potential which was occasionally saw, was deemed alluring. The same with Bradley, perhaps, whose early form was so good and so unfortunately derailed. Rounding out our populist rotation is Blair, of whom great things are expected.

Possibles: Chase Anderson. Zack Godley, Daniel Hudson, Jhoulys Chacin + Jeremy Hellickson

Anderson was edged by Blair for the final spot in the top five - a brutal second half with an ERA of 5.89 over his final 14 starts likely dropped his value. Going the other way was Godley, though I suspect a sample size of only six starts has many people adopting a "wait and see" approach as to his long-term viability. Hudson performed the best of the current bullpen residents, but has work to do, getting through the pack of those seen as better candidates. Chacin's 3.38 ERA still seems (rightfully, I'd say) to be thought of as a mirage. Hellickson may be the most expensive pitcher on the 2016 roster, but barely got more votes than a 23-year-old who has never thrown above AA. Ouch.

Outsiders: Braden Shipley, Andrew Chafin, Josh Collmenter, Randall Delgado + Allen Webster

PShipley appears to be further in the future than 2016. It looks like the rest of the long relievers in the bullpen will be remaining in the bullpen next season, and Webster now appears to be regarded as a throw-in in the Miley trade. Still, I'd like to thank Mrs. Webster for taking part in the poll....