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Poll of the Week: Diamondbacks 2016 rotation

The D-backs rotation is likely going to be shaken up this winter. But, right now, who do we think should be in it?

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Below are the 12 pitchers who started games for the Diamondbacks in 2015, along with three potential other candidates: Aaron Blair, Andrew Chafin and Braden Shipley. To get an idea of who we think are the strongest candidates, you are invited to select up to five (can be less, if you want, but no more) of those 15 whom you think should be part of the rotation on Opening Day 2016. There are some interesting choices to be made, with little or no "sure things" at this point, based on 2015 performances, and it seems certain there will be some additional names added over the coming months.

But I'm curious to see what the crowd-sourcing wisdom of the SnakePit comes up with as a solution for now. As ever,. discussion and explanation of your choices are welcome in the comments. Answers will be tabulated and posted on Thursday, so all answers should be in by 1pm them. I'll likely pin this to the front-page through then, for visibility purposes.  THE POLL IS NOW CLOSED. You can click all you want, but your answers will not be counted.