FanPost updates

Just thought I'd mention that has added Marcel Projections to the player's stat line. Marcel's are the of Most Simplistic the projection systems, but are not a bad starting point. Info on how various projection systems rank Here

Also, the player comps have been updated. Some of them are pretty interesting, or even amusing

Click through to the individual player pages at Team Page to see the projections and scroll down for the comps through age. These comps are for entertainment purposes only, and are just statistical comps. They are not attempting to matchup even L/R, or for example type of pitcher, (Chase Anderson/Tim Wakefield !) But still, some are interesting and maybe even instructive.

Here are the top 2 comps for select players:

Goldy: Joey Votto/Jeff Bagwell
Pollock: Frank Catalanotto/Cliff Lee
Castillo: Ozzie Virgil/Yorvit Toerrealba
Owings: Eddie Leon/Tito Fuentes
Peralta: Merv Rettenmund/Guz Zernial
Inciarte: Eddie Rucker/Ryan Sweeney
Hill: Brett Boone/Brandon Phillips
Salty: Miguel Olivo/John Buck

Corbin: Brett Anderson/John Curtis
Rubby: Brandon McCarthy/Josh Fogg
Anderson: Armando Reynoso/Tim Wakefield
Hellickson: Wade Miley/Donovan Osborn
Ray: Kevin Kobel/Chris Haney
Delgado: Mark Grant/Brian Fisher
Hudson: Lee Stange/Josh Collmenter
Collmenter: Ron Herbal/Luis Aquino
Ziegler: Mike Adams/Grant Balfour
Chacin: Annibal Sanchez/Dick Tidrow
Hernandez: Aaron Heilman/George Frazier