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Snakebytes 10/2: To Selfie or Not To Selfie

Taking selfies at a baseball game has become the national news story for the Arizona Diamondbacks, which kind of sums up the season doesn't it?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Quotes N Stuff

"I can't find any quotes on yesterdays game.  Every article is about the dang selfies." - Me

Yesterday's Game

Castillo's 2-run double lifts Diamondbacks past Rockies, 8-6 - It turns out the Arizona Diamondbacks will have something to play for after all in their final series of the 2015 season.

How'd This Get In Here

Snakepit Recap

Selfie Talk

VIDEO: Uh oh! Arizona Diamondbacks' fans called out for taking selfies during games - If you weren't self-conscious about taking a selfie before, you may think twice about it now.

SEE IT: Selfie-taking sorority girls get shamed by MLB announcers at Arizona Diamondbacks game - A group of selfie-obsessed Arizona sorority girls were shamed at a baseball game by two MLB announcers for snapping photos of themselves for at least two minutes straight.

ASU SORORITY GIRLS TEASED FOR TAKING SELFIES AT ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS GAME - Moments after asking Diamondback fans to take selfies and post them to Twitter, D-backs TV commentators Steve Berthiaume and Bob Brenly couldn't stop joking about a group of ASU Alpha Chi Omega sorority sisters doing just that at Wednesday night's game.

What We Learned from the Arizona Diamondbacks Sorority Selfie Scandal (Frankly I don't like Slate very much but some of you might)

Selfie-obsessed Gen Y girls go to Colorado Rockies-Arizona Diamondbacks game for some reason (This Site is in Australia) - Two commentators at a Major League Baseball game in the US have spoken out on behalf of the pre-mobile phone generation, hilariously confessing their consternation at a group of young women more intent on grabbing the perfect selfie than watching an enthralling contest on the field.

Diamondbacks announcers' selfie shaming needlessly alienates younger fans - Lets all pile on the announcers!

(Note: Seriously, there were 400 like articles on the selfie shtick alone.  About 5 on the actual game.)

Non-Selfie DBacks News

HOUSTON AT ARIZONA - A milestone win for Dallas Keuchel would mean even more for the Houston Astros.

Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Patrick Corbin happy with comeback despite rough final outing - Despite a shaky final start of the year against Colorado on Thursday night, Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Patrick Corbin heads into the off-season with a smile.

D-backs adapting lineup around Pollock and Goldschmidt (Our old friend Jack Magruder) - The Diamondbacks know how to score. They are the second in National League in runs and have two of the most productive players in the league in WAR-mongers Paul Goldschmidt and A.J. Pollock.

Report: Giants, Diamondbacks have interest in Mike Leake - The San Francisco Giants and Arizona Diamondbacks have "strong interest" in signing starting pitcher Mike Leake this off-season, according to USA Today's Bob Nightengale.

Diamondbacks: Can Socrates Brito Make the Team in 2016? - Philosophical mini Mexican food anyone?