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Snakebytes 10/19: Amazing Metropolitan Citizenry

So baseball is still a thing right?

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

What I Could Find On The Diamondbacks

Arizona Diamondbacks exec works to create new fans - Headline pretty much says it all.  Not much reason to add a quote from the article, or give a summary of the inner parts of this piece, but here's one anyway.  It's a fluff piece that tells you how wonderful the Diamondback front office is at reaching people, highlighting a former Sun Devil who is apparently someone we should know.  He doesn't make any real decisions that impact how the players play, or how they win ball games.  Instead, lets focus on how truly banal the work can be to try to get our posteriors in the plastic, electrostatic charged seats.

Touki Toussaint: Atlanta Braves' Smartest Trade in 2015? - Ok so this is more about the Braves than the Diamondbacks.  However the flip side of the story could have had this headline.  Touki Toussaint:  Arizona Diamondbacks Worst Trade in 2015? Wait, didn't Jim do a story like this?

Six Possible Teams To Sign Zack Greinke - Oh look, we (the colloquial version of 'we') were mentioned in some abstract news article data mined by the Inner-Googles algorithm!  That's some fine SEO work that website admin is doing.  Is there room in our budget for him Jim?  I could sure use a 9'th article placement on the first page of Google for one of my articles on swing philosophy.

Fun facts* from the 2015 Arizona Diamondbacks: Pitching + defense - Oh wait, this is one of ours.  Thanks for spamming my Bookmarked Google News page Jim.  Now I'll have to switch to Alta-vista or some such thing.  It never was very good at getting relevant article to my searches.  Maybe I'll find some hilarious article on a rattlesnake biting a guy who was trying to avoid a public street vehicle when I search for Diamondbacks and Dodgers.

Baseball News

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After Mets KO Arrieta, Maddon's punchless Cubs need magic at Wrigley

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Other Stuff

In Case You Missed It (If you didn't watch last nights Football Game, this play pretty much sums it up)