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Snake Bytes, 1/8: 43 Days to Go

The post-meetings offseason continues its too-slow march to February 19th.

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Diamondback Digest

Diamondbacks to Bring New Managers to Six Minor League Teams

The 25 and 40-man rosters are not the only places seeing significant changes within the organization this offseason.

Daniel Hudson's Future Remains Murky

Daniel Hudson wants to rejoin the rotation. The Diamondbacks want Hudson to rejoin the rotation. Getting Hudson into the rotation isn't as easy as it sounds though, even with the lack of five strong starting candidates.

Keith Law Likes the Yasmany Tomás Deal

Often the leading voice of many opinions contrary to the general consensus of the Pit, Keith Law has crossed over and supports the Tomás deal, much the way that many long-time Pitters seem to.

Around MLB

The HOF Class of 2015 Takes over Letterman

The newest inductees stopped by the David Letterman Show while on their publicity tour.

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Cubs Rename Spring Home Sloan Park

Well, it was Cubs Park for one year at least.

Fangraphs on the BBWAA Voting for the HOF

Tony Blengino over at Fangraphs looks at the dearth of voting coming from the BBWAA despite an overcrowded ballot of very worthy candidates.