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Diamondbacks Spring Training single-game tickets on pre-sale

Pitchers and catchers report next month!

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Today and tomorrow, there's a presale going on for single-game tickets to spring training, if you want to snag some good seats for any of the games. Might be fun to go to the opener on Tuesday, March 3 - the first ever game between the Diamondbacks and ASU. Or the Sunday, March 8th one against the World Series (yeah, again...) San Francisco Giants. Or... Well, who's Jeff Francoeur playing for these days?

I guess we should probably look towards scheduling a SnakePitSpringTrainingFest at some point, but since that consists entirely of us sitting on the lawn, there wouldn't appear to be much need to take advantage of the pre-sale offer. But looking at the schedules, Sundays March 22 and March 29 - both, coincidentally against the Rockies - would seem like plausible choices at this point: thoughts and comments welcome.

Here's the link, and if you need a code, it would be "MLBAM". [Since this was shot by email to the tens of thousands of Diamondbacks 'insiders', I don't exactly feel like I'm betraying a confidence here!]