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Diamondbacks Sign Nick Punto to Minor League Deal

Jon Heyman of CBS is reporting that Infielder Nick Punto has signed with the Diamondbacks.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The 37-year old Punto was most recently seen with the Athletics in 2014. During his 14-year career he has also made stops with the Phillies, Twins, Cardinals, Red Sox, and Dodgers. In 73 games with Oakland last year, Punto hit .207/.293/.293 with 2 Home Runs.

The terms of the deal are unknown as of writing, so it remains to be seen if Punto is on a Major or Minor league deal or what the years/cost is. It can be assumed that Punto will be taking a backup infield role in some capacity on the 2015 Diamondbacks.

Punto is possibly most famous for a predilection for sliding into First Base headfirst at any given opportunity. This also gives me an excuse to link to one of my favorite non-Snakepit SBN Baseball articles ever from our Twins blog: An Oral History of Nick Punto Sliding Headfirst into First Base.

We will have more details on this as they arise.


The deal is a minor league one with a Spring Training invite.