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2014 AZ SnakePit Awards: Diamondbacks Game of the Year voting

There certainly seems to be a widely popular choice for this one. But will that translate into a voting landslide? Let's see... The five nominations for Game of the Year are below. Links go to our recaps, from which the descriptions are taken.

Mark Kolbe/Getty Images
March 22: First-ever MLB game in Australia

"Damn. In the preview to this game, I wrote: "In this kind of match-up, it's usually the team that makes the fewest errors [small E, including things like TOOTBLANs] which prevails, so we'll see if we can play sound fundamental baseball." Didn't quite happen, unfortunately. A couple of free base-runners gifted to the Dodgers by the Diamondbacks proved to be the difference in this one - and if tonight is anything to go by, the Mark Trumbo Experience in left-field is going to be... Well, let's just say "interesting", and leave it at that, shall we?"

April 30: 5-4, biggest comeback of year

"Would the vagaries of fate and umpiring help motivate the team, launching them into a revived state? Well, no. A two out walk to Cliff Pennington was all we could do in the bottom of the second. And then Jordan Lyles- the Rockies starting pitcher, mind you- started off the third inning with a solo home run. Charlie Blackmon followed that with a double, taking third on a sacrifice by Drew Stubbs. After Carlos Gonzalez was walked, Collmenter and Montero didn't do themselves any favors, throwing a wild pitch that let Blackmon score. 4-0, Rockies, in the middle of the third inning."

May 17: Score 17 vs. the Dodgers and Kershaw

From the preview: "A guy with one career appearance above Double-A, facing the most expensive roster in baseball. [and] the pitcher who, over the past three seasons, has won two Cy Young awards and was runner-up the other time. Curiously, though, I don't mind that. My expectations are so completely tempered, I basically don't have any. The odds appear so completely stacked against Arizona, that I have already achieved a Zen-like state of content with whatever the outcome may be. If it's another blow-out loss, it'll hardly be a surprise. If Anderson keeps the game close, that'll be pretty impressive. And if, somehow, the Diamondbacks pull off a victory, that would be epic."

June 24: 9-8 walk-off in 14 innings

"It stayed quiet until the 11th inning, then things started going crazy. Randall Delgado was in to pitch at this point. He got the first out by getting Asdrubal Cabrera to ground out to Goldschmidt on the first pitch of the inning. Then he walked Michael Brantley. And then he gave up a two-run home run to Carlos Santana. 8-6 Indians in the top of the 11th. If you think that this is the end for the home team, no one would blame you. Probably a lot of people left the ball park at this point too. You, however, would be wrong. The offense really did not want to lose tonight."

August 9: Nine-run inning caps 14-4 Colorado pounding

"I'm not sure it's safe to say at this point that David Peralta is the real deal, but he sure has been fun to watch these last 50+ games. After yet another multi-hit game and five RBI with a grand slam in Saturday's mashing of the Rockies, it's easy to see why Arizona is so high on their rookie outfielder. As it stand right now, it wouldn't be surprising to see Peralta take home the National League ROY award if he keeps up the pace. For what it's worth, he hasn't shown any signs of slowing down."