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SnakeBytes 1/31: Yawn

And once again, nothing is happening in baseball.......

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"When I looked at the (budget) number, I was like, Whew. I think at some point we'll sit down and figure out where that $16 million is going to come from, but it does not officially touch our major league budget right now. It is out there, so it is not going to be ignored."

- Dave Stewart

Daily D'backs

Diamondbacks fine with $91 million payroll ... for now - Fox Sports Arizona

Money just isn't what it used to be. The Diamondbacks are positioned to spend about $91 million on payroll this season, possibly a few million more depending how their two arbitration cases go. It would be the third-highest figure in franchise history . . . and among the lower third in the major leagues in 2015.

Diamondbacks new vision: A jolt of energy - Fox Sports Arizona

Miggy, Goldy sit atop MLB Network's rankings at first

There are a number of great first basemen across the Major Leagues, which provides some healthy debate when identifying the best player of the group. Who's the best right now? MLB Network gave that title to Miguel Cabrera as part of its annual rankings of the top 10 players at each position.Paul Goldschmidt was a close second, though, so it's conceivable he could reach the top spot with another strong season in 2015.