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Snakebytes 1/26: Enter The Commish

Brand new on the job and already there's controversy over his statements. I think he's gritty.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Collmenter to Start Opening Day 2015

It looks like our Jedi Master has finally received his just reward.  But isn't this usually decided during spring training?

Arizona Diamondbacks' Top 10 Prospects for 2015

A nice BR article on our top 10 in the minors.  We might even see a few of them come up depending on injuries, performance, and trades.  (I'm thinking Jake Lamb will be a starter)

Yasmany Tomas: Earning Positive Reviews At Third Base

If this continues then maybe Jake won't be the starter at 3rd, but Tomas still has to prove his big league material.  We'll just have to see how spring training goes.

Other News

I hear there's some sort of Extraordinary Curved Dish coming to town.  But I really kinda feel deflated about the whole thing.  I think we should shift priorities and take more time with our youngsters.

I see what I did there.