Who Will Replace Miggy Style Tacos?

Tim Boyle/Getty Images

After Miguel Montero was traded away to the Cubs, I know that the big question on most of our minds was, what will the Miggy Style tacos be called now? I have created a list below of who the frontrunners to replace Miggy now. I will offer my in depth analysis of each name, which will be followed up with what the first image that comes up on google images is when the style of taco is typed into google. Now, let us begin with our first candidate...

Tuffy Style Tacos

Let's face it. These tacos sound terrible. I imagine a taco filled with the toughest meat on earth. It may take an hour just to get through one Tuffy Style taco. Let's see if the image can change my mind...

What? A CB radio? How did is this relevant at all.? Now I'm just confused. Tuffy style tacos get a rating of 3 out of 10 for intriguing me with this picture

Ender Style Tacos

This sounds like some kind of taco from the future. What would a taco from the future consist of? I'm gonna guess tofu meat and kale. That's where the world is headed people. Tofu and kale. Stock up on regular tacos while you still can. I wonder what google images has to say about this.

A menu for Big D's food truck. At least we got something food related this time. Reading the menu, I think I would probably be willing to eat a meal at Big D's. And hey look! Tacos! Without kale! Ender style tacos have been saved by Big D's. Hooray for Big D's. Ender style tacos get a 6/10.

Peralta Style Tacos

Let's see if the Snakepit ROTY can beat out Ender's 6/10. This seems like a very average taco. Probably just your basic ground beef taco with a little bit of hot sauce. I don't really have a problem with that.
tacos-peralta-tacos-2.0.jpgOur first thing resembling a taco! This taco looks very edible. Looks like steak and onions, which is very quality. But what is that in the middle? I see a lemon, but is that a carrot with it? Gross. Peralta style tacos get a 8/10.

Goldy Style Tacos

I see these as the best option. The best player on the team, a fan favorite, and the style of tacos would end in a y. But will the picture take Goldy out of contention?
goldy_s_taco__fnaf2__by_doublespacebar-d87wb2f.0.pngOH MY GOD IT'S A PONY. IT MUST BE DESTINY. GOLDY WINS. 11 OUT OF 10.

That concludes my first fanpost. I'd appreciate any feedback in the comments. Also I don't want to get banned or arrested for claiming these picture as my own or something so I've included the urls to all the pictures below.