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Arizona Diamondbacks 100-1 to win 2015 World Series

The latest sports book odds are out, in the wake of Max Scherzer signing with the Washington Nationals, and that has propelled them into the favorite's spot. The Diamondbacks? Not so much...

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Anyone remember the last time the Cubs were as low as 12-1 to win the World Series? I think the correct answer is probably around the time Steve Bartman was still attending games at Wrigley Field. Or even the Padres at 25-1? Some tempting odds there, but it does look like the Oakland A's rebuilding project has no fans among the bookies. As for the Diamondbacks... If you have $10 bucks lying about, might be worth a flutter purely for amusement purposes, but I wouldn't wager anything you don't want to lose. At least there's plenty of company at the long-shots end of the spectrum. [H/T]