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Diamondbacks arbitration update: Hellickson done, Reed and Trumbo move on

The next step in the arbitration process closed yesterday, with players who hasn't agreed to a contract swapping figures with their teams. For Arizona, one player was crossed off, but negotiations continue for two more.

"Dear D-backs. Give me more money, or you'll never see Evan Marshall again."
"Dear D-backs. Give me more money, or you'll never see Evan Marshall again."
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports
Jeremy Hellickson: agrees to $4.275m for one year

As DeadmanG mentioned in this morning's SnakeBytes, we can cross Hellickson off the list, as he and the Diamondbacks agreed to a one-year deal covering the 2015 season. The figure, first reported by CBS Sports' Jon Morosi, represents a moderate uptick of about 18% for the right-hander over the $3.625 million earned with the Rays in 2014. Not bad, considering Hellickson missed most of the season due to shoulder injury, and only threw 63.2 innings for Tampa, with an ERA+ of 82. The 27-year-old is in his second year of arbitration, and is currently under Arizona control through the end of the 2016 season.

Addison Reed: offered $4.7 million, wants $5.6 million

Even the low end is significantly higher than expected, with MLBTR projecting Reed to earn only $3.8 million in his first year of arbitration. The Diamondbacks' offer is close to a million dollars more, while what Reed wants is $1.8 million above the estimate. I can only presume it's the benefit of those shiny saves: Reed is in the MLB top ten for those over the past two seasons, the period whose stats can be used in arbitration hearings. The other stats are a lot less Reed-friendly: of the 17 pitchers who have 50+ saves since the start of 2013, Addison's 3.99 ERA is the second-highest, ahead of Jim Johnson, and only Sergio Romo has more losses.

Mark Trumbo: offered $5.3 million, wants $6.9 million

MLBTR were a little closer with their estimate here, their predicted figure of $5.7 million at least coming in between the figure submitted by the player, and that offered by the team, though it's still low of the mid-point, $6.1 million. Trumbo is in his second year of arbitration, and earned $4.8 million with the Diamondbacks in 2014. That was a figure agreed after his trade from the Angels, and actually took some time, a deal not being reached until February 6, and he was the last of our players to come to an agreement. The gap then was actually bigger than this time around - in 2014, Trumbo wanted $5.85 million, we offered $3.4 million.

Negotiations will doubtless continue with Reed and Trumbo, and a settlement seems highly likely, considering the Diamondbacks haven't a player actually reach an arbitration hearing since 2002 (Damian Miller winning his case). If no deal is reached, the two sides will face off, some time between February 1-20. At least they won't have to go far, with the hearings taking place here in Phoenix. The team and player reps will present their case to a three-person panel, who will then decide on either side's submitted figure - there's no middle-ground permitted.