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Diamondbacks 5, Padres 1: What Football Game?

The Diamondbacks won. This recap is for the 5 people haven't already mentally transitioned to Footbaw Season.

Kent Horner

Record: 59-81. Pace: 68-94. Change over last year: -12.

Good thing I watched this baseball game and certainly did not watch a handegg game on NBC. I have dedication to the craft, you see.

Early on it seemed like the Packers might be able to keep up with the Seah....wait. I mean the Padres, a baseball team played the Diamondbacks in a game that would determine who would win the game played in San Diego on September 4th.

As the game ended, I was struck by the though while Pollock stepped up to the plate: when the hell did he get taken off the DL? Baseball Reference tells me 9/2/2014 was his first game back, but so I guess that tells you how much I've been attention.

Randall Delgado received his first start since April 10th and was helped by the inept Padres offense to get a good decision. 5 innings isn't normally what you're looking for from a starter, but given that he's spent all season as a reliever, it should be expected he wouldn't be stretched out. Still, 0 runs allowed on only 2 hits is a decent enough, and it put the D-backs in a position to win.

The Diamondbacks scored their first three runs in the 2nd off 5 hits. Aaron Hill led things off with a single, then moved to third with an AJ Pollock double. Both came home with a Gregorius infield single (combined with a lolPadres throwing error), then Didi scored off a Ender 'Bats Like a Third' Inciarte.

Everyone in the starting lineup got a hit except for Randall Delgado, but he only had 1 AB.

The Padres flirted with scoring runs in the 8th, eventually loading the bases and scoring a run off a Oliver 'Pops Ollies' Perez wild pitch. But that would be their only run, which I'd hope you'd have already figured out by the title of this recap.

Source: FanGraphs

Mounds: Randall Delgado (17.5%)

M&Ms: AJ Pollock (14.2%)

'Old fashioned' candy: Matt Stites (-9%)

Only 150 comments, which I guess isn't shocking. Roll call: AzRattler, DbacksSkins, GuruB, Jim McLennan, Makakilo, Paulnh, Rockkstarr12, hotclaws, onedotfive, preston.salisbury, shoewizard, and xmet

Tomorrow the Diamondbacks continue on their path to the end by playing the Dodgers in the House of Pain. We'll probably face Kershaw all three games. Woo. First pitch will be around 7:10pm Arizona Time, so if you can't schedule a dentist appointment then you could watch the game.