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SnakeBytes 9/3: Winding Down

Wade Miley was on the brink of disaster once again, but somehow (PadresLOL) escaped with very little damage over his 7 innings but alas, the offense didn't show up. Josh Collmenter throws tonight, come back and chat it up if you have nothing better going on.

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hey wade, i'll give you $100 if you throw that ball in the stands
hey wade, i'll give you $100 if you throw that ball in the stands
Denis Poroy


Just being on the team flight last night and getting here and going to get a nice dinner and just walking over, just walking into the locker room. It's pretty cool for the first time in a while.

- Daniel Hudson

I felt a little pop. It felt kind of crunchy in there. And then we've done a couple of MRIs. There's some frayed cartilage under the kneecap. But it was something I wanted to try to fight through as long as I could, for sure. We didn't know if rehab would take care of it or not. At least to this point, it's still there. We're still trying the rehab thing.

- Brad Ziegler talks about his left knee problems

Daily D-backs

Miley strong through seven |
"I felt pretty good," Miley said. "Even in the bullpen I felt like I was going to be able to get ahead of guys and that's the key. They are a pretty aggressive team over there so they're going to swing, so you've just got to make pitches, locate and find corners. I was fortunate that they hit balls at people."

Hudson rejoins D-backs for first time since '12 |
After the team charter took off from Phoenix on Sunday night, D-backs manager Kirk Gibson walked to the back of the plane and shook pitcher Daniel Hudson's hand. After two Tommy John surgeries and more than two years of rehabilitation, Hudson -- along with outfielder Cody Ross -- was activated from the disabled list as the rosters expanded for September.

D-backs have two big pieces back from DL | News
The D-backs activated A.J. Pollock and Chris Owings from the disabled list Tuesday, but only one appears headed back to his original position.

Collmenter looks to build on recent surge |
In his past 14 2/3 innings, Collmenter (9-7) has given up only two runs, one in each start. The 28-year-old right-hander, who usually pitches more to contact, has struck out 13 batters while posting a 0.61 ERA.

Diamondbacks' A.J. Pollock is 'pumped' to return to lineup
Not that there's ever a good time to fracture a hand, but A.J. Pollock's injury from the end of May came at a particularly bad time, just as he was beginning to establish himself at the plate.

D-Backs still trying to make up ground from Justin Upton trade |
The Diamondbacks' recent trade history is filled with controversial moves. An argument could be made they haven't made a clearly good deal since the Aaron Hill trade from August 2011.

Around the MLB

Video: Orbit goes Trout fishing |
9/2/14: Orbit goes Trout fishing but things go terribly wrong as Mike Trout steals the fishing pole and turns the tables the Astros' mascot

Johnson to become first to play for all AL East teams | News
When Kelly Johnson finally suits up in an Orioles uniform and takes to the diamond, he will become the answer to a trivia question. The utility man will be the only player in MLB history to play for all five teams in the American League East.

Changed Ramirez enjoyed helping Cubs prospects grow | FOX Sports
By all accounts, Manny Ramirez positively influenced top prospects such as infielder Javier Baez, outfielder Jorge Soler and third baseman Kris Bryant at Triple A Iowa.

K's are OK: Stanton, Trout can be both MVPs and free swingers | FOX Sports
Not only are Giancarlo Stanton and Mike Trout among the most strikeout-prone everyday players in the majors this year, they are whiffing at an historic rate among potential MVPs.

Looking at Adam Dunn's streak of games played without a playoff at-bat | FOX Sports
Adam Dunn was traded to the Oakland A's over the weekend, which means his long streak of games played without an at-bat in the postseason is likely coming to an end.

Gardner gets ejected |
9/2/14; Brett Gardner gets thrown out by the home-plate umpire after arguing a strike-three call in the 5th inning

The indisputable selfishness of Derek Jeter |
Derek Jeter is often portrayed as the perfect team player, but the inevitably poor production of his age-40 season is putting the Yankees in a bind from which only he can free them.

Why are walks declining in baseball? - Sports - The Boston Globe
Despite the wide influence of that argument, walks have actually become less common since "Moneyball" came out in 2003. Players aren’t walking more, they’re walking less. And league-wide on-base-percentages have fallen to 40-year low. Why is that? In large part, it’s the old story of cat and mouse. Once more players started looking for walks, pitchers stopped offering them. That’s been true across the league, and true for the Red Sox.

And not baseball, but you should read it anyways

Breaking Madden: Jadeveon Clowney's quest for 201 sacks in a game |
And lastly, Breaking Madden has returned. It missed you.