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Snake Bytes 9/24

The Diamondbacks' September collapse continued in Minnesota on the eve of the team making an offer to Dave Stewart as GM. Will Kirk Gibson still be coming back?

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Quick Quotes

"I was struggling with my command big time today," Chafin said. "The results clearly showed that. It's just one of those days where I didn't have very good feel for my heater. My command wasn't there."

-Andrew Chafin

I know if I make my pitches, I can get people out just like at any level. I've learned some things I'm going to need to do this offseason to be able to come back and really try to excel next year. The biggest thing is my mechanics, get them more fine tuned and get to the point where if I make one bad pitch I can make the adjustment the very next pitch."

-Andrew Chafin

"We've had a forgettable season, yet there's a lot to learn from it. Nothing really changes. You just go out you bust it, you do the best you can, you hope that you're retained and you get an opportunity to undo it and have a better season and learn from your lessons.

-Kirk Gibson

Daily Digest

Chafin Struggles, Minnesota Takes Game 2

Andrew Chafin didn't last very long, surrendering four runs on seven hits and two walks over three innings of work. He did record five of his nine out via the strikeout, so there is that.

Dave Stewart Offered GM Position

Reports indicate that Dave Stewart has been "officially" offered the GM post. An announcement as to who has been selected and actually hired is expected tomorrow.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>The <a href="">#Dbacks</a> officially offered their GM job to Dave Stewart, but contract terms still have not been reached,.</p>&mdash; Bob Nightengale (@BNightengale) <a href="">September 24, 2014</a></blockquote>

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Kirk Gibson May Still Return in 2015

Despite the utter collapse of the Diamondbacks down the stretch, there are still many who feel Kirk Gibson may be back as manager next year.

Around MLB

Braves Offer GM Seat to John Hart

That was fast. The Braves wasted no time in making a selection for the recently vacated seat of GM. Only two days after firing Frank Wren, the Braves have offered the position to John Hart.


The folks at Fangraphs take an interesting look at the NL ROY race, one that has been determined largely by the ability to stay healthy and on the field.

Giants, Dodgers Clear Benches

Yasiel Puig took a pitch off his ankle from Madison Bumgarner in the first inning of last night's game. Then things got ugly as Puig decided to take umbrage.

Reverse Standings / 2015 Draft Order

1              Arizona Diamondbacks  63 - 95           0.399

2              Houston Astros*

3              Texas Rangers 64 - 93           0.408     1.5 GB

4              Colorado Rockies 66 - 92           0.418     3.0 GB

5              Minnesota Twins 67 - 90           0.427     4.5 GB

*Pick for failure to sign Brady Aiken