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Diamondbacks 3, Twins 6

Andrew Chafin struggled in his start tonight, not even managing to get an out in the fourth before getting pulled. He gave up four runs during that time, seven hits, and two walks. Hardly the best start ever, and the Dbacks were never able to recover. Zeke Spruil did much better. He came in to relieve Chafin with one on and no outs in the fourth, ended up going four innings, giving up two runs, five hits, and two strike outs. You never want to have an appearance like that from a relief pitcher, but it's nice to be able to get it when you need it.

The offense was lethargic once again tonight. They didn't get a base runner until Tuffy Gosewich and the ninth spot in the order. Then, they didn't manage to get a run until the fourth, and then didn't get another until the eighth. In the ninth, they did score a run and get the tying run to the plate, but didn't do much else. The pitching really killed the team's chances tonight, but even if they had done a better job, it probably wouldn't have mattered with the level of bad the offense was tonight. Final score, 6-3 Twins. Full recap to follow.