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SnakeBytes 9/21: At least we'll have the first overall pick

Cahill sucked, D'backs sucked, 1st overall pick here we come.

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Dustin Bradford


"I felt a lot better. Obviously, the results weren't there. But as far as everything else, I felt a lot better. It's just really frustrating. You give up five runs in five innings and you feel like you had better control of the game. I felt like it was one of my better games."

- Trevor Cahill

"I just want to pitch my next two starts and give us a chance to win," he said. "If I get there, I get there. If not, oh well."

- Wade Miley on reaching 200 inning mark

Daily D'backs

Cahill struggles in D-backs' loss to Rockies -

On the plus side for D-backs right-hander Trevor Cahill, he did not walk anyone on Saturday afternoon. Still, his outing did not go the way he wanted it to, as the Rockies beat the D-backs, 5-1, at Coors Field. Colorado now holds a two-game lead over Arizona in the battle to stay out of last place in the National League West.

D'backs loss BTN - Arizona Sports 620

Perez makes D-backs history -

D-backs reliever Oliver Perez made history on Saturday afternoon, as he tied a Major League record by striking out four Rockies hitters in the seventh inning of Arizona's 5-1 loss.

Diamondbacks' Trevor Cahill feels good, but results aren't there -

It was like a cruel trick had been played on Trevor Cahill. Or maybe more like one last twist of the knife in the final days of an agonizing season. He felt good Saturday. He threw strikes. More or less, the ball went where he wanted it to go. And yet he was still hit hard, giving up five runs in five innings in the Diamondbacks' 5-1 loss to the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field.

Wade Miley shrugs off innings mark -

Most starting pitchers take pride in eclipsing the 200-inning mark, seeing it as an indication they were able to at least give their team durability. Miley made it sound like he doesn't care one way or another.

Miley, Bergman set to square off in series finale - game preview

When the D-backs faced Christian Bergman at Chase Field on Aug. 29, they were short on hits, but not baserunners. The rookie held the D-backs to only one run on two hits -- the first of which didn't come until the fifth inning. But he also walked five batters, while striking out five.

Around Baseball

Garza ejected after hitting McCutchen twice -

This seems like it's happened before,

Royals lose go-ahead run on reversal -

With a simple flick of the wrist, Tigers second baseman Ian Kinsler set off a whirlwind of controversy and a heap of misfortune for the Royals in their crushing 3-2 loss on Saturday.