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The Week In Diamondback Tweets

One of our favorite Tweeters, Daniel Hudson, is back on the roster [if yet to pitch!], the Rockies take flight, and a Dodgers fan gets all whiny.

Looking forward to catching this guy
Looking forward to catching this guy
@santiagosewisch, via Twitter

Tweet of the week

Honorable mentions

I believe those involved are, from left to right: Eury De La Rosa, Alfredo Marte, Jake Lamb, Matt Stites, Ender Inciarte, Tuffy Gosewisch (his second year!), Evan Marshall, David Peralta, Vidal Nuño and Chase Anderson.


I always felt that when going to another team's park, you should behave like you were visiting someone else's home. If asked to do something, you do it: you may not want to, but their house, their rules. Doesn't appear some Dodger fans are quite so considerate.

So brave... When he was again requested to reverse the shirt, he did what all heroic SJWs do: took to social media to whine about it.

After some more back and forth on Twitter, he was allowed to keep it, since, while crassly provocative, it didn't technically breach the rules. Here's the shirt in question - be sure to hold your sides first, for I fear they may split. I don't blame the D-backs, but really, Mr. Mendosa. When you act like a jackass, doing something whose sole purpose is to goad and inflame those nearby, you really shouldn't get all hurt and offended when you are treated like a jackass. Of course, expecting class from the Dodgers at Chase is probably hopelessly optimistic.

The Games in Diamondback Tweets

Diamondbacks 5, Dodgers 9

Diamondbacks 1, Dodgers 3

Diamondbacks 5, Rockies 2

Diamondbacks 0, Rockies 2

Diamondbacks 6, Rockies 2

Diamondbacks 1, Padres 3

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