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Rockies 15, D-backs 3: This Season Will End, but the Beers Will Endure......

Game over man! Game over!!!!!

....and then it all went downhill from here.
....and then it all went downhill from here.
Doug Pensinger


Pictured:  Abomination

Beer 1:  Cave Creek Chili Beer .....nuf said
  • Never thought I would have this beer because it's universally considered to be vile (it is......absolutely), but I just got off work and the beer I purchased was not yet cold. 
  • Pour your BudLight into a pitcher and dump in some hatch chilies and that might just give you an idea of the kind of beer it is.  The horror.  It's funny though, as I've had GREAT beers that used chilies:  Habanero Sculpin, Serrano Double Stout, etc.  Those beer though at least balance in that chili flavor, or have a style of beer where chilies compliment but don't overwhelm.  Little different with the beer I have a bad way.
  • Enough about bad beer, on to the game!!!!
  • Haven't been keeping track of stats for my recaps, but I think the Dbacks have lost all but one of my recaps.  Let's hope this changes tonight, though it matters not for this season as a whole.
  • Missed the first inning visually, but those tireless souls broadcasting on 620 told me that we're up 1-0 thanks to a Trumbo trumb-sacrifice.  A trumbomb might have been nice with the bases loaded as they were, but beggars like us Dbacks fans can't be choosers
  • Chase Anderson has, once again, been pitching solid baseball.  No runs through three and I'm fervently praying he keeps on chugging along as a solid rotation option once the 2015 season gets going.  We need hope.....any little bit of hope.  1-0 going into the top of the 4th.
  • Just noticed that Cody Ross is playing today, can't help but think of the very vague (and certainly undelivered) promise he brought to this team when we picked him up.  At least he moved Lamb to second with a single......but with Didi and Chase up next that effort is quickly for naught.


Beer 2:  Pumpkineater Imperial Pumpkin Ale by Howe Sound Brewing (Canada)
  • It's September, and in the beer world that means pumpkin beers.  This style/styles is very hit or miss (no pun intended). It's either too much pumpkin, to the point where you're drinking a pie, or too little where you're not even sure if there's any pumpkin at all.  This one falls more in the former category, but it's pleasant and very smooth with not too much of the cinnamon spiciness you'd associate with a pie.
  • Just after praising Chase, he fails me.  3 runs given up in the bottom of the 4th.  1-3
  • I guess I shouldn't be surprised since so few pitchers ever thrive in Coors Field, which may help explain why the Rockies struggle so each year.
  • As I watch my parent's dog Boo (appropriate considering the beer) kill a tennis ball, the Dbacks fail to respond in the top of the 5th.  Still 1-3 Rockies
  • Boo's hate of round things is only exceeded by my hate of this season.  Radio plainly wants to avoid talking about it and your average Joe is ecstatic that football is here, if only because it's not baseball.
  • Another run to the Rockies credit.  1-4 Rockies and I still have two more big beers to as I type that Rafael Ynoa tries for an in-the-park-HR but gets thrown out at home......not before two more cross the plate.  1-6 Rockies.
  • Dbacks respond fairly quickly (helping to improve my sour mood) with Lamb getting home thanks for a frequent Cody Ross double.  2-6
  • Ok, guess I'm bad luck.  Yet another run scores.  2-7 now, and there might not be enough beer in this house.
  • Yup....all the bad luck.  Cuddyer with a Grand Slam.  2-11
  • Switched over to watch Game Grumps for a bit on YouTube.  Oddly enjoyable channel where witty commentary is made through various bits of game-play.  Helps me forget this game mercifully.
  • Still powering through my beer in case you're all wondering.  Canadians measure in quarts, and apparently 1qt is quite a bit.
  • Stites in brought in...for the hell of it.  Get's everyone out for the hell of it.  2-11 after 7.
  • Trumbo, per usual, gets a single.  The world wonders where his home runs have gone, whereas his singles seem to be just fine.


Eddie should be our next GM.

Beer 3:  The Trooper by Robinson Brewery (UK)
  • Since the Yes vote for Scottish Independence failed last night it seemed appropriate to get this UK beer. Plus I love Iron Maiden.  For those who comment on this post, please name your favorite Maiden song.  Mine's Rime of the Ancient Mariner.
  • BTW.  Great band, but "meh" beer.  I thinks it's supposed to be an English Pale, but nothing really stands out about it, just meh.
  • As I kinda savor a beer supported by a god-like band, Paterson proceeds to load the bases with Cuddyer predictably gettting a 3 run double soon after.  That's 7RBIs tonight for him, nice.  2-14 and all hope is gone.
  • Rockies offense not quite done yet as another run gets driven:  2-15.  Don't worry readers, we got this (sarcasm)
  • Didi makes things interesting right off the bat (pun) with a lead-off triple.  We totally got this (sarcasm)
  • Don't got this, yup, game over though we got one more run.  Good night all.
Bells and whistles, by Jim

[Click to enlarge at]
No: Cody Ross, +5.9%
Yes: Chase Anderson. -27.0%

Probably close to a season low GDT, as we fell short of 140. How bad was it? I came top. Rockkstarr12 was next, and she didn't show up until the eighth inning or thereabout. GuruB was third, and also present were Angry_Saguaro, AzRattler, Clefo, JoeCB1991, Paulnh, benhat, hotclaws, onedotfive, shoewizard and xmet. Comment of the night to Angry:


Whoa what happened tonight?

Did Reed start?

"You can observe a lot just by watching."

As mentioned in the quick recap, we are in sole possession of Tankapalooza second spot, and will almost certainly be just half a game back of the Rangers by the end of the night [now 9-0 up over the Angels there]. Tomorrow sees a Trevor Cahill start for us. That #1 draft pick in 2015 is seriously close, folks.