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Diamondbacks 6, Giants 2: Trumbo makes Giants feel dumb...o

Mark Trumbo hit a Grand Slam, and for all intents and purposes that was all the D'Backs needed to get the first game of the series against the Giants.

Norm Hall

If this season was a day of work at your stereotypical 9-5 job, we're at about 4:45 PM of a very exhausting day. In the morning, just as you came in, the Copy Room caught fire which spread to the break room (Thus killing off any hope of participation in Turnover Tuesday.) At about 1 PM, a whole bunch of people got laid off. So now you're just trying to get through it and hope tomorrow is better. On the bright side, you just saw a co-worker who you don't like slip on a banana peel. That last part was this game. Sure, everything's been bad for you, but you hate that guy.

Wade Miley, the starting pitcher for the Diamondbacks making his 100th career start, was very effective in this game against the still division-title-ambitious Giants. He went 7 innings and only allowed a single run (off of a Brandon Crawford groundout that scored Joaqin Arias, who himself got on base due to Aaron Hill not being a very experienced Third Baseman) and struck out four.

San Francisco starter Ryan Vogelsong, was not so effective. For once (or, I guess, thirce, since this is the third straight game where Tacos came into the equation) the Diamondback offense complied. In the Bottom of the 3rd inning, with the bases loaded, Mark Trumbo came to the plate. For the first time in more than a month, Mark Trumbo hit a home run to the opposite field. With the bases loaded, that home run was upgraded to a Grand Slam for free. This made it 4-0 D'Backs at the time.

They added more in the 7th against old "friend" Juan Gutierrez. Firstly, A.J. Pollock tripled home Cliff Pennington, and Pollock himself scored on a Trumbo single to make it 6-1. The Giants added on their last run thanks to a combined effort by Joe Paterson and Evan Marshall allowing a Joe Panik double and Buster Posey single, respectively to make it 6-2 in the 8th.

The Giants couldn't muster anything beyond that and now they fall further behind in the division race to..


The Dodgers?

Well, this is awkward.

Source: FanGraphs

Grape Job!: Trumbo, +30.1%
You Make Me Berry Angry: Pollock, -7.5%

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COTN goes to soco for this gem:

It's pretty much

the only way I can get into the holiday mood. For some people it’s pumpkin spice everything, for me it’s Santa Claus assaulting people.

These two teams are back at it tomorrow at the same time. You can watch it if you want. Apparently FSAZ is going to have a "Catcher's Perspective Type Thing" going on, with former D'Back Kelly Stinnett sitting behind home plate (presumably in the stands) to offer up some in-game analysis. It sounds kinda fascinating, but I made plans to go play Settlers of Catan so....