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Game #150: Diamondbacks vs. Giants

Last series against the Giants didn't go very well. Will things be any better in Arizona?

Ralph Freso
Ryan Vogelsong
RHP, 8-10, 3.90
Wade Miley
RHP, 7-11, 4.28
Angel Pagan - CF Ender Inciarte - LF
Joe Panik - 2B Chris Owings - 2B
Buster Posey - C A.J. Pollock - CF
Hunter Pence - RF Mark Trumbo - 1B
Pablo Sandoval - 3B Miguel Montero - C
Joaquin Arias - 1B Aaron Hill - 3B
Gregor Blanco - LF
Cody Ross - RF
Brandon Crawford - SS
Didi Gregorius - SS
Ryan Vogelsong - RHP Wade Miley - LHP

Getting this one up very early since we're celebrating Mrs. SnakePit's sister's birthday tonight. For some reason this involves bowling. I'm hoping there will be a television set nearby, for when the entertainment value of rolling a large ball down an aisle wears off. Oh, well, there's always drinking heavily. Which would tie in nicely with the game, if the last time we faced the Giants is anything to go by. If you've forgotten - and I wouldn't blame you for wiping it from your memory - we were swept, and scored a total of three runs, being outscored 16-3. But our offense showed some signs of life over the weekend. Counterpoint: against the Padres.

As Fabian noted in his series preview, the Giants, meanwhile, dropped two of three in a key series versus the Dodgers, including a spectacular 17-0 pounding, which was the biggest shutout in the majors for over four years. I'd be amused, except it was the Dodgers who did it. The Giants then lost on Sunday, but that was facing Kershaw, which is about as close to an autoloss as possible in baseball of late. But they won't want to lose any more ground, that's for sure, so Wade Miley will certainly need to be unlike the Wade Miley we got last time, who allowed five hits and four walks in only two innings