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Diamondbacks 1, Giants 5: The Dbacks do their best impression of a vacuum cleaner

Pitcher struggled early. Check. Offense was nonexistent, check. Bullpen struggles. Check. Must have been a Diamondbacks game...

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

I feel like I say this a lot about Diamondbacks pitchers, but Wade Miley struggled early today. Angel Pagan and Joe Panik both got base hits to start the night. Posey flew out, and Hunter Pence grounded out, moving Pagan and Panik to second and third respectively. After that bit of progress, Miley walked Pablo Sandoval to load the bases, and he wasn't done there. He also walked Andrew Susac, driving in a run. 0-1 Giants.

In the second, the Giants picked back up right where they left off. Gregor Blanco did strike out to start the inning, but Yusmero Petit, Pagan, and Panik all got singles to load the bases, with only one out. Buster Posey then grounded into a fielder's choice, driving in Petit from third, and moving Panik to third. Pence walked to load the bases, and then Miley walked Sandoval to drive in another run. 3-0 Giants. Susac flew out to end the inning, but that marked the of the night for Miley, as he was due up third in the third, and Gibson pulled him for a pinch hitter and then Zeke Spruil.

While the Giants were acting like a real baseball team, the Diamondbacks really weren't. Petit was looking more like an ace than the fringe starter that every Diamondbacks fan knows that he really should be on his best day. The first nine batters were retired. Five of them struck out. None of them hit the ball hard. I was beginning to wonder if they should fly Eric Chavez out to San Francisco to break up the no-hitter.

That wasn't needed, however. Ender Inciarte didn't care for the idea of a perfect game or a shutout, for that matter. He lead off in the fourth inning, and promptly put a pitch into McCovey Cove to make the score 3-1, still in favor of the Giants.

After that, both teams were fairly quiet until the Giants were batting again in the bottom of the sixth. Zeke Spruil was still pitching. Gregor Blanco got a lead off single. Petit struck out, and then Pagan got another single. Panik joined the singles parade, and, thanks in part to an Inciarte error, knocked in another run and moved Pagan to third. Posey hit  sac fly to score the run and make the score 5-1.

They threatened again in the eighth, but nothing came of it. The Diamondbacks' offense still failed to show up. Final score, 5-1 Giants.

Source: FanGraphs

Our Only Hope: Ender Inciarte, 5.0%

Anikin Skywalker: -23.1

It's depressing that I think this, but the GDT seemed fairly active, all things considered, with 266 comments. Remember the days when we used to break a thousand comments and needed overflow threads? Yeah me neither. All present were:

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A few good, baseball related comments tonight, but CotD goes to Clefo for his response to Apple trying to tempt him with a U2 album.


I downloaded that U2 album they were offering onto my Windows PC and put it on my Android phone for listening to in the car, BECAUSE I DON’T PLAY BYYOUR RULES TIM COOK


Same teams and slightly different start time tomorrow, starting at 7:15 PM. Join us if you are also a masochist.