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Diamondbacks 1, Padres 3

While the final score doesn't completely reflect it, Trevor Cahill really struggled. Only managed to go 4+ innings, three earned runs, five hits, and, most damning, six walks. The only saving grace for him today is that as badly as he was doing, the Padres offense was doing worse. They just could not get any runners home, even leaving the bases loaded without scoring a run in the fourth inning. Eury De La Rosa continued his struggles with inherited runners, allowing two to score before finishing off the fourth and getting a perfect fifth.

However, as badly as the Padres' offense was doing, the Diamondbacks offense was worse. They only managed a handful of base runners scattered through the game, and racked up double digit strike outs. One bright spot is they did manage a run in the sixth inning, but it wasn't anywhere near enough to catch up to the Padres. Full recap to follow later.