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Your Saturday Sporcle: D-backs debutants

Earlier this week, Jake Lamb became the 59th position player to make his major-league debut for the Arizona Diamondbacks. But how many of the others can you remember?

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports
This one isn't easy, so as well as the date of their debut, I've given you their initials. Though in some cases, that may not help. There are some names here, as recently as 2012, where I found myself going, "He was a Diamondback? Really?" You should be able to get more than half of these though. If you're at more than three-quarters, then I'm impressed! As usual, last names only are fine. Remember, it's only position players, so no pitchers: I'll get to those another day, maybe next time if we see Andrew Chafin in the meantime.