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Diamondbacks 2, Royals 12

The title really says it all. The Royals crushed the Diamondbacks tonight worse than I remember the Dbacks being crushed in recent memory. Obviously, Wade Miley just did not have it tonight. He gave up a three-run home run in the third inning, and then completely imploded in the fifth. He got the first runner out, and then allowed seven of the next eight runners to reach base. He gave up a three run home run, a runner scored on a botched pick off while he was pitching, and he left with the bases loaded. Bo Schultz came in and gave up a grand slam to give the Royals a ten run lead.

The offense was barely functioning before the fifth, and they basically just went home after that inning. They scored a run in the first, and a run in the eighth, but that was it. They just really didn't look like a team that had anything left to give. Full recap to follow.