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Diamondbacks 2, Royals 12: In which the Royals build a snowman

The Royals built a snowman out of the crushed hopes and dreams of Diamondback fans.

Aoki contemplates the game from the perspective of a Diamondbacks fan
Aoki contemplates the game from the perspective of a Diamondbacks fan
Christian Petersen

Record: 49-64 On Pace: 70-92 Change on '13: -9

The Diamondbacks didn't waste much time getting on the board tonight. After a quick top of the first from starter Wade Miley, the offensive half of the Dbacks struck in the bottom of the inning. After Ender Inciarte struck out to lead off the inning, Jordan Pacheco hit a double. He advanced to third thanks to a wild pitch during Aaron Hill's at-bat, and then he was brought home courtsey of a Mark Trumbo single. 1-0 Diamondbacks

The Royals wasted no time in getting back at the Dbacks, however. They waited through a 1-2-3 second inning, but a lead-off single for Alcides Escobar and one out walk for Norichika Aoki set the table for Salvador Perez. He came to bat with two outs, and the two runners on, took a 2-0 change up and turned it into a no-doubter home run to give the Royals a 3-1 lead in the top of the third.

Meanwhile, the Dbacks offense didn't really do much. They also were sat down in order in the second inning. Miley lead the third off with a walk, but both Inciarte and Pacheco flew out, and Hill popped one up to short to end the inning and the "threat".

Both teams were quiet in the fourth inning. The fifth inning was a disaster. Got to give Miley credit. He got the first batter out. After that, the inning, and the game, went to hell. Omar Infiante and Salvador Perez got singles. Bill Butlter hit a three run home run. 6-1 RoyalsAlex Gordon got a single, and Lorenzo Cain was walked. Mike Moustakas flew out, but Gordon tagged and went to third. Two outs. With Daniel Escobar batting, there was a botched pickoff attempt, Gordon scored, Cain went to second. At this point, Escobar was just walked intentionally. Up next was the Royals' starter, Danny Duffy. he struck out on a wild pitch and went to first. Bases loaded, and that was the end of the night for Miley. Bo Schultz enters the game. Aoki hit a grand slam. The Royals scored eight runs in the inning, or as Tom Candiotti put it on the radio, put up a snowman. 11-1 Royals.

After that, neither team really felt the need to keep playing. Both teams went quietly into the night after that. Mostly. The Dbacks did score another run in the eighth, and the Royals added one in the ninth, but it really didn't matter much in the end. Of note, however, Bo Schultz ended up going four and a third innings in relief, so despite Miley's early exit, the bullpen wasn't overly taxed. Silver linings, people!

And now for the Fangraph:

Source: FanGraphs

Didn't suck: Mark Trumbo, 6.6%

Sucked. Bad: Wade Miley, -38.1%

Comment of the night goes to Jim, for accurately summing up the game:

Well, I'm off to do something more fun

I just hope I can get the weed-whacker to fit down my pants.

A total of 377 comments between 24 people tonight. JoeCB1991 lead the way with myself and Clefo in second and third. All present were:

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Join us again tomorrow for another contest between these same two teams at 6:40 P. M. Arizona time.