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SnakeBytes 8/4: Armgate 2014

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Nick Ahmed clinched a victory in extra-innings when he was hit on the arm by an errant throw by Jodi Mercer. Hahahaha who am I kidding, it should have been obstruction. But, the D-backs will take the victory and wait for the Royals to come to town on Tuesday.

Is that arm regulation size or what?
Is that arm regulation size or what?
Christian Petersen

D-backs Daily

Pirates unhappy with Ahmed's winning slide | FOX Sports
Nick Ahmed helped the D-backs to the weirdest walk-off in franchise history when he was struck on the left forearm with a throw to break up a double play as Tuffy Gosewisch scored from third base in a 3-2, 10-inning victory.

D-backs beat Pirates on walk-off slide | FOX Sports
Arizona runner Nick Ahmed put his arms up as he slid into second base and deflected a potential double play relay in the 10th inning Sunday, giving the Diamondbacks a 3-2 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Diamondbacks defeat the Pirates in 10 innings after blocked throw |
Sunday, the Diamondbacks won 3-2 in 10 innings after Nick Ahmed deflected a relay throw from second to first with his left arm while sliding into the bag, breaking up an inning-ending double play and allowing Tuffy Gosewisch to score from third.

D-backs consider life without Goldy | FOX Sports
With All-Star Paul Goldschmidt likely out for the season with a fractured hand, the D-backs will have Mark Trumbo play more first base, but the lineup hole will be harder to fill.

Paul Goldschmidt is done for the season |
Kirk Gibson said what most Diamondbacks fans feared: First baseman Paul Goldschmidt is done for the season. "Realistically," Gibson said, "it's eight weeks, so he's done."

Hit a batter? D-backs' Chase Anderson shares his thoughts | FOX Sports
Andrew McCutchen expected to be targeted Saturday, and one former major league pitcher said he believed McCutchen looked a little skittish in his first at-bat, as if he knew something was coming. That is not the way Chase Anderson wanted to play it.

Trevor Cahill regaining confidence |
The infield gathered around Diamondbacks right-hander Trevor Cahill in the seventh inning on Sunday afternoon. Manager Kirk Gibson was on his way to the mound. Cahill's day had been a good one, but it looked like it was about to end.

Around the MLB

Baseball Hate Maps | Imgur
The most hated teams by state, provence, and country.

Reddick's leaping catch |
Josh Reddick leaps and catches a fly ball on the warning track, then hurls the ball to first to double up Alcides Escobar

The Worst of the Best: The Month’s Wildest Pitches | FanGraphs Baseball
Here will be the wildest pitches thrown in July, following the usual methodology of PITCHf/x and math and sorting. It’s all determined by distance from the center of the strike zone, and you’re going to see a top-five list, and a next-five list, and there’s also a bonus entry in there based on a tip I got from a few people on Twitter

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