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Free: 2 x tickets to Saturday and Sunday games at Chase (Sec. 119)

If you are interested in going to game this weekend at Chase (including the throwback event on Saturday, with the alumni game), we can help you out.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The asteroids have kindly donated their tickets to each of those games, since they will not be in town. There are thus two tickets for Saturday (start time: 5:10pm) and two for Sunday (1:10pm), along with a parking pass for each to the Chase Field garage on 4th street and Buchanan. That's the one that has a covered walkway going into the ballpark, so you won't even have to endure the sunshine on your way to/from the game. The tickets are in section 119, so are pretty damn sweet. And we're playing the Rockies, so there's a good chance you'll even get to see a win!

Here's how this will works. Pipe up in the comments, tell us you're interested, and we will select a winner for each. You can either pick one day, or both - to be fair, the former will get you two entries to that day, the latter one of each - so say, Saturday, Sunday or both in your comment. Entries close midnight Thursday and I'll then contact the winners Tickets can be collected either from SnakePit Towers on the West side (91st Ave + McDowell) or the SnakePit Dungeon of Employment on the East (Washington + Priest). Details to be arranged.

There is no cost for these tickets, but we request you pay it forward by doing something nice for someone else. Thanks a bunch to the asteroids, once again, for their generosity.