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Dbacks 5, Dodgers 9

The fourth inning decided the entire game today. Going in to the fourth, the game was tied at two. After the top of the fourth, the score was 8-2 in favor of the Dodgers. Basically if anything could go wrong. There were two challenges that went against the Dbacks, six straight batters reached base off Trevor Cahill and Randall Delgado, and eleven batters total went to the plate. If there was ever a metaphorical tire fire in a baseball game, that inning was it.

Meanwhile the offense wasn't horrible. They did manage to score five runs, which isn't exactly rolling over. However, when your pitching staff gives up nine runs on the night, that just isn't going to cut it. During the game, some reports came out that we may or may not be in talks with the Angels to trade them Cahill. If those talks were actually happening, one has to wonder if this effected them at all. Full recap to follow.