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SnakePitAsteroidFest in Diamondbacks Tweets

It was the annual get-together known as SnakePitAsteroidFest at Chase Field today. It was good.

After a Mrs. SnakePit mandated drive through Dunkin Donuts for an iced coffee, we parked just outside my old workplace on Jefferson - still empty and looking more like a homeless shelter. Damn. From there we meandered over to the Rose and Crown where imstillhungry95 was already there. Knowing the hordes to come, we started accumulating tables, chairs and, eventually people. The asteroids, soco (plus soco jr) and Rockkstarr12 were the first to arrive, though I was forced to overcome my horror on discovering that the pub was... I can barely bring myself to write this... out of Stella. I drowned my sorrow in another Eurobrew, Carlsberg, instead. #FirstWorldProblems.

A sudden burst of activity indicated the arrival of the second wave. This included the Tucson crew of Clefo, DbacksSkins, jinnah and GuruB, plus emilylovesthedbacks, Tony (not actually a SnakePitter yet, but we will continue our work of turning him from the Dark Side e.g. being a Yankees fan) and songbird. The occasion was also used to present Clefo with the inaugural SnakePit Stratomatic League trophy, with no expense apparently having been spared in the acquisition of an Eric Byrnes bobblehead, and painting it silver. [Footage of the presentation is on Facebook. It was apparently shot by the makers of The Blair Witch Project]

We headed over the ballpark and took up our seats in Section 203, after briefly debating whether to storm one of the party suites. No, wait: the asteroids had negotiated a group upgrade to Section 120. By the time Mrs. SnakePit and I took our seats there, the Diamondbacks were already two runs behind, but if ever there is a game where the result is unimportant, it's SnakePitFest. There were far more important issues to be dealt with, such as what exactly imstillhungry95 was going to do with the D-bat dog  There will, I believe, be a full review of it in next week's Fang Food, if ish95 proves capable of reaching the keyboard by that point...

We missed the sultry tones of edbigghead - though I swear I hear an echo of "SPIIILLLLBORRRRGHSSS" from the upper deck. This did not stop us mocking the Padres: particulaly those convicted of the use of PEDs, or those with apparently bizarre names, e.g. Yangervis Solarte. As well as making some thoroughly amusing anagrams [see the guest recap for a couple], we decided he was actually named after an, as yet, unfilmed Japanese monster. So, in Godzilla 2, you'll have the big G taking on Mothra, Rodan and Yangervis. The mockery of Cameron Maybin (amphetamines) and Yasmani Grandal (Biogenesis client) did not sit well with a Padres fan sitting nearby...

Never have I ever seen someone so excited over Will Venable's meaningless eighth inning home-run. But, let's face it - he's a Padres fan, so he has probably never seen a home-run before. Sadly, the Diamondbacks weren't able to deliver a comeback that would have shushed his mouth, but as noted - on SnakePitFestivus, the final score on the board is a distant way behind hanging out with like-minded individuals and just enjoying the day. Many, many thanks to the Asteroids for making the event possible: in a season which has been remarkable mostly for its suckiness, it's good to be reminded of the simple pleasures watching baseball can bring.

Next stop: ArizonaFallLeagueSnakePitFest, at Salt River Fields. Or possibly SnakePitPlayoffViewingParty, at some venue to be decided. Stay tuned...