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Padres 7, Dbacks 4 - Chased at Chase

Chase Anderson gave up five runs against the Padres this afternoon, and that was too much for the Diamondbacks' bats to overcome. Arizona failed to sweep San Diego at home.

Ralph Freso

Chase Anderson was shaky from the start, with the first two Padres reaching, and both came around to score and put the Diamondbacks in a 2-0 hole. He pitched alright in innings two through four, but Anderson's fifth inning went: walk-walk-double-play-walk-home-run. It was Yasmani Grandal with the three-run home run, and Chase was done after five innings.

The Diamondbacks managed some two-out magic in the 5th, with Aaron Hill and David Peralta walking, followed by a walk by Mark Trumbo. Miguel Montero smoked a single off of his former battery-mate Ian Kennedy and brought in two runs. In the 6th, Ender Inciarte doubled in Jake Lamb to bring the Diamondbacks back to within two.

But Matt Stites served up a two-run home run to Will Venable in the 8th. Cliff Pennington hit a pinch-hit solo home run in the bottom half of the 8th, but it was not enough to come back and get the sweep of San Diego.