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Game #131: Diamondbacks vs. Padres

After clinching the series, can the Diamondbaqcks finish off the Padres with a sweep? The SnakePit will be in attendance at Chase Field this afternoon to see...

Ian Kennedy
RHP, 9-11, 3.72
Chase Anderson
RHP, 7-5, 3.71

Posting this extremely early, since we're about to head downtown to the Rose and Crown, to hang with a bunch of fellow SnakePitters for a bit, before heading over to the game at Chase. I think it's something like only the second contest I've attended at Chase this year, which gives you some idea. My enthusiasm for the team has generally been at a level where the hassle of driving downtown, parking, etc. is not negated by the potential entertainment of yet another home defeat. But when I get to hang with SnakePitters? Bring it on. Couple of beers, some decent food, random heckling of San Diego players.... Yep, looking forward to it.

Diamondbacks Line-up
  1. Ender Inciarte, CF
  2. Aaron Hill, 2B
  3. David Peralta, RF
  4. Mark Trumbo, 1B
  5. Miguel Montero, C
  6. Alfredo Marte, LF
  7. Jake Lamb, 3B
  8. Didi Gregorius, SS
  9. Chase Anderson P

A win would tie our season-high winning streak! At, er... three. So, there's that. But I'm long past the stage where any genuine concern over the team results still exists. Be nice to see Anderson throw a no-hitter or something. Otherwise, let the dice fall where they may. We have a special guest quick recapper after the game, returning after a long absence, so stay tuned. Suddenly realized that, if a plane crashes on the Rose and Crown, we'll be in trouble, since myself, Clefo, soco and ish95 will all be there, so that'd be about two-thirds of regular recappers wiped out. Turambar is safe in Canada, but Steven Burt should probably head to the SnakePit bunker, just to be safe...