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Game #130: Diamondbacks vs. Padres

Vidal Nuño makes his ninth start for the Diamondbacks this evening. He's still looking for his first win with us.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports
Andrew Cashner
RHP, 2-6, 2.36
Vidal Nuno
LHP, 2-8, 4.79
Yangervis Solarte - 2B Ender Inciarte - CF
Abraham Almonte - LF Cliff Pennington - 2B
Tommy Medica - 1B David Peralta - RF
Rene Rivera - C Mark Trumbo - 1B
Rymer Liriano - RF Miguel Montero - C
Chris Nelson - 3B Alfredo Marte - LF
Cameron Maybin - CF Jake Lamb - 3B
Alexi Amarista - SS Didi Gregorius - SS
Andrew Cashner - RHP Vidal Nuno - LHP

This will be relatively terse as far as previews go, since I got distracted by working on a piece about Trevor Cahill's season to date. It's going to be... lengthy. Perhaps bordering on the Strittmatteresque, for those who recall an alumni SnakePit writer who had a tendency to write amazing pieces to which, shall we say, Peter Jackson expressed an interest in the film rights. It may be up on Monday's off-day. But considering it's already at 1,100 words and I haven't even reached my intended focus yet... We'll see whether I can get much done tomorrow, though since it's SnakePitAsteroidFest (woo-hoo!), the answer is "probably not."

Anyway. Mr. Alt+0164 takes the mound for a ninth time, still looking for his first W. It's mostly been a lack of ran support: in the previous eight outings, the offense has never scored more than four runs, with the average being only 2.75. You have to be a very good pitcher to win with that kind of protection, and Nuño isn't that. He's not been bad, however: I'm still happy with the trade. While McCarthy may have been pitching up a storm in New York, it would have been useless here, and he's still still going to be a free-agent at the end of the season (which in NY's case, still looks like it'll be before the playoffs). I'll take five more years of Nuno over meaningless wins by Brandon.