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Diamondbacks 0, Natinals 1: So Who Wants to Talk About Trees

The Diamondbacks dropped another one. Woo.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Record: 53-75. Pace: Disappointment. Change over last year:

Ahh just got home from work. Time to open and see the Diamondb WHAT. Another 1 run loss? I mean, I guess I should be happy that Wade Miley had a passable start, and sure, we didn't get blown out. But this team isn't exactly making a compelling case to get my attention for the rest of the season.

This is the paragraph (or series of paragraphs) that I'd talk about how the runs were scored, but the Diamondbacks didn't try hard in that department. 4 hits, including 1 by Miley, is a pretty sad performance. Oh sure, talk about how they faced Gio Gonzalez, and ah bloo bloo bloo it's so hard. Duck soup. The only thing that Gio'd was Arizona's bats, if you know what I mean.

Speaking of GG (no, not the XOXO kind, though it's yet to be determined what Gonzalez's interest is in puns or spoiled brats on the Upper East Side), he had a good day, This is the paragraph where I'll mention his line, including how many innings with some kind of judgement on whether it was a good or bad outing. There probably would be a pithy comment or two, depending on the result. In this case GG had a good day, if you think 7 innings with 6 strikeouts and no runs allowed is good. Here's some fuel for your inner Embrace Debate: he also walked 3. Ha! What a bum!

Speaking of bums and other awkward segues, Wade Miley did not have a great day. Now I'm going to have Miley's line and mildly compare him to GG. Miley almost went as many innings, which is the only stat that matters, you nerd. He also walked 6 BUT LET'S FORGET THAT NOW.

Let's check the boxscore again, I feel like I missing somet IT WAS ANOTHER GATDANG WALK OFF. fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

deep breath


Source: FanGraphs

Silence: Wade Miley (31.1%)

Doc McStuffins: Evan Marshall (-37.3%)

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Tomorrow the Padres swing into town to play a series that no one, even the participants, even particularly care about. Tune if you want to experience sensory deprivation.