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D-backs 4, Pirates 9: The International Beer Day Recap!!!!!

How fortunate I get to do a recap on such a day!

Norm Hall


Beer 1: Nut Brown by Alesmith
  • Today is International Beer Day, a good day, and a day perfect for a BeerCap
  • A good day demands a good beer, and AleSmith excels at making good beers. Normally I'd start out hoppy, but today I'm going to ease into it.
  • First inning action..........just a nice no runs allowed type of inning by Nuno. On that note it's gonna take me a while to get used to this new team. The rebuilding project is full steam ahead. Sigh
  • Hill......why couldn't we have traded him? Any other year I'd love him on this squad, but better to have room at 2nd for some young gun than someone who wont be this team's future as it rebuilds. End of 1st 0-0
  • Starting to like this Nuno dude. Maybe, just maybe Towers didn't fail at life with a trade. Another threat-free half inning.
  • After Marte, the elder statesmen of prospects, grounds out it's still 0-0 after 2innings. Seriously, wasn't' Marte considered the #1 top prospect in the nation many moons ago?
  • Another 1-2-3 half by Nuno. Nice, very nice indeed
Beer 2: That'll Do IPA by Huss Brewing Co.
  • Ah yes, hops, my old friend. Top 3 IPA in the state and a relatively new brewery as well from South Tempe.
  • As I enjoy my fine ale, Nuno shows me in hilarious fashion the hitting prowess of an AL pitcher. Spinning into the dirt.
  • After 3, still 0-0. If the game keeps going like this I wont be able to enjoy many beers tonight.
  • Monte with a nice double as I am able to break away from the game 2048. The crack of game aps.
  • Trumbo, so much hope for the team when we got him. "Protect Goldy he will, lead us to HR heaven he will." Sigh
  • Trumbo fails again. Damn I can't wait until football. Still 0-0, better drink faster.
  • Uh oh Nuno. Living a little dangerously in the 5th. Control starting to waver a bit.........but they get out of the top of the 5th with no blood.
  • Didi!!!!!!!! (yes that was a Dexter's Lab reference) solid lead off single to kick off things in the 5th.
  • UhOh, Nuno. God bless him he's trying, but even bunting seems way too tough for him.
  • .........despite failing at bunting he gets hit and takes first. Mission accomplished?
  • Inciarte crushes that ball like a boss!!!!!! 3-0 Dbacks!!!!


Beer 3: Rosabi American Strong Ale by Dogfish Head
  • Never had this, which is not saying much with Dogfish Head. They experiment quite a bit with new beers. Loving it though, American Strong Ales have a special place in my heart.
  • As I type that Peralta takes homes after a wild pitch. 4-0 Dbacks after 5
  • Just watched the Paul George injury video. Brutal, sent chills down my spine, I wish I could wipe it from my mind. Even Basketball can have some bad injuries.
  • Trumbo proving again that his defense leaves something to be desired.
  • Trumbo's lack of skill contributes to a run.....nice. 4-1 Dbacks
  • Collmenter did have a mound of sunflower seeds on his cap, regrettably that mound is no more.
  • The elder statesman Marte comes through with single. Two men on and the Pirates decide it's time to change up pitchers.
  • Matter's not that Kiewiiwdwidwdi exploded two bats. Inning over, but Dbacks still have a solid 4-1 lead.
  • Delgado, another glorious piece of the Upton trade, is in at this moment.
  • Hell of a play by Didi. If only he had a consistent bat......
  • After seven still 4-1 Dbacks. Another beer is in my future.....................


Beer 4: MIXTURE!!!! Rosabi topped off with Essence Imperial IPA by Hanger 24
  • Mixing beer is a thing, and it's awesome. Take any beer you like and top it off with a flavor you think is missing or might make it better. Good times.
  • While I'm currently occupying beer heaven, Delgado is getting dangerously close to screwing up this game.
  • McClutchen is of course happy to oblige. 4-2 Dbacks with men on 2nd and 3rd.
  • Tie game thanks to De La Rosa and Delgado. Good times. Thank God for beer.
  • 4-4 going into the bottom of the 8th. Our Dbacks love to keep things interesting.
  • Going into the 9th and we're tied at 4. Praying for a miracle
  • Our glorious pitching crushing all hope...........again. 4-5
  • Now 4-6. Wheels falling off.........

Yup........wheels off now.......hope gone...