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Diamondbacks 4, Nationals 5: LaRoche is Spanish for "The Roche"

A back and forth contest ends with former Diamondback Adam LaRoche walking it off in extras.

Patrick Smith

So let's get some things out of the way first:

- Vidal Nuno pitched pretty well going 7 innings allowing 2 runs and striking out 7.

- He didn't get the win, which goes to show you that wins as a pitching stat are a construct of your imagination and aren't really there, man. Also Ken Kendrick is putting flouride in the water.

- Ender Inciarte extended his hitting streak in extras to 18, so he's got that going for him.

- Didi Gregorius was really good defensively.

Now the play-by-play of important events.

The Diamondbacks opened up the scoring in the 5th on a Jake Lamb sacrifice fly that scored Mark Trumbo to make it 1-0. That's right, both Nuno and Washington starter Jordan Zimmermann were scoreless through the first four, so it was shaping up to be a quick pitcher's duel.

The Nats answered back in the 7th against Nuno when Wilson Ramos hit a two-run homer to make it 2-1. The Diamondbacks took the lead back themselves in the next half-inning when Didi Gregorius hit a two-run shot himself to make it 3-2.

However, this was only the middle portion of neither team wanting to keep a lead, as Brad Ziegler was not on his game. He gave up a double to Denard Span, and Span scored on a triple by Anthony Rendon. Rendon himself scored on a sac-fly by Jayson Werth. This made it 4-3 going into the last frame.

Tyler Clippard came on to close it out for the Nats, and he did not, as David Peralta pulled one beyond the wall in right field to tie it up. No other D'Backs runs scored that inning and Oliver Perez came in and shut the Nats down to bring us into extras.

In the 11th, the Diamondbacks had a wonderful chance. Thanks to a single, walk, and single by Mark Trumbo, Miguel Montero, and Jordan Pacheco respectively against Craig Stammen. So if you're keeping track, that's bases loaded and nobody out and a prime scoring chance, right?

If you nodded your head in blind optimism (and somehow didn't read the recap title for some reason), then you haven't been watching this team this season. Jake Lamb came up. He struck out. Didi Gregorius came up. He also struck out. Cliff Pennington came up to pinch hit. He grounded out weakly to second. The D'Backs did not score ever again.

Will Harris, recently back from Reno, came into pitch. He hung one to Adam LaRoche, former competent D'Backs first baseman, and he did not miss, and the D'Backs lost. Again. As they do.

Source: FanGraphs

George Washington: Montero (+24.5%)
William Henry Harrison: Ziegler (-56.5%)

Note from the Fangraph there that when the bases were loaded in the 11th, the Diamondbacks had just a hair under 85% chance of winning the game.

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COTN goes to Jim for this observation of Werth's beard.

I think he could fit an entire bleacher section in hi...

Oh, that kind of fan. Never mind. Please carry on…

Tomorrow is the culmination of the daily Strasburg from oh so those many years ago. So, watch or listen to it. Or not. You are an individual with his or her own agency and I cannot tell you what to do.