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SnakePit Fantasy Baseball: Week 19

Three of the seven games this week ended in a tie, but there were other big wins, and yet another new leader.

Corey Dickerson, hitter of the week. Who knew?
Corey Dickerson, hitter of the week. Who knew?
Dustin Bradford
Week 19 results

AZ SnakePit 5, Waffles 5
Snake had the edge at the plate where Stanton had three HR and nine RBI, but Waffles reversed the roles on the mound, behind Arrieta (13 K) and Volquez (Win and ten strikeouts). Snake got a Win and 14 strikeouts by Lester, and edged Sv by one for the tie.

Gregorius B.I.G. 3, Trumboner 6
A mid-table clash went to Trumboner, with Gomez and LaRoche getting two home-runs apiece for them, and Perkins notching a trio of Saves, but only hit .210 for the week. BIG got seven Runs by Longoria, while Greene fanned ten. Wins ended level at two apiece.

Sofa King Juiced 3, Mizzoula Osprey 7
Mizzoula returned to the top after a solid win, powered by Hitter of the Week Dickerson, who had three home-runs and drove in 11, while Donaldson homered twice. They also got a W + 14 K from Fiers. Scherzer matched that for Sofa, who also got sever Runs by Holt.

MyWieterGetzLongoria 5, Alabama Slammers 5
Alabama were held by Wieter, who had the edge on offense, where Calhoun homered twice and drove in eight. They also got a W and 12 K's by Archer, but Alabama controlled pitching, with Sale fanning 12 and Holland picking up three Saves on their account to merit a split.

CGS 5, Angry Saguaro 5
CGS have Carter to thank for hanging on in the week's final tie, as he hit four home-runs and had nine RBI; Rizzo and Cano had two HR each. But the Saguaro responded on the mound, behind Wainwright and Smyly, each with a W and nine strikeouts, along with Kershaw's 11 K's.

Trail-Hitters 7, Space Wizard 3
Trail hit .314 for the week, Altuve (seven RBI, .406) their top contributor with the lumber; Ortiz and Mauer each went deep twice for Space .218. Kimbrel and Rodriguez had three Sv for Trail, as did Street for the Wizards, but Pitcher of the Week Niese's two W + 12 gave Trail victory.

Got Grittiness? 1, The Rusty Trumbones 9
The week's biggest blowout moved the Trumbones up to second, as they swept hitting behind Upton (two HR, eight RBI) and Harper (two HR, seven RBI); Cespeded had two HR for Got. Haren had a W + 10 K for them, but Soriano notched three Saves and Kluber 10 K's for Rusty.

Rank Team W-L-T Pct GB Last Waiver Moves
1 Mizzoula Osprey 106-77-7 .576 - 7-3-0 10 36
2 The Rusty Trumbones 103-75-12 .574 0.5 9-1-0 4 35
3 Alabama Slammers 103-77-10 .568 1.5 5-5-0 13 52
4 Trail-Hitters 101-77-12 .563 2.5 7-3-0 11 43
5 CGS 96-84-10 .532 8.5 5-5-0 1 36
6 Waffles 94-82-14 .532 8.5 5-5-0 8 36
7 Trumboner 93-85-12 .521 10.5 6-3-1 2 47
8 AZ SnakePit 91-92-7 .497 15 5-5-0 12 12
9 Gregorius B.I.G. 88-89-13 .497 15 3-6-1 6 25
10 MyWieterGetzLongoria 82-96-12 .463 21.5 5-5-0 14 19
11 Angry Saguaro 84-101-5 .455 23 5-5-0 5 23
12 Space Wizard 79-96-15 .455 23 3-7-0 3 -
13 Sofa King Juiced 70-109-11 .397 34 3-7-0 7 40
14 Got Grittiness? 66-116-8 .368 39.5 1-9-0 9 5
Week 20 games

AZ SnakePit vs. CGS
Gregorius B.I.G. vs. Waffles
Sofa King Juiced vs. Trumboner
MyWieterGetzLongoria vs. Mizzoula Osprey
Trail-Hitters vs. Angry Saguaro
Got Grittiness? vs. Space Wizard
The Rusty Trumbones vs. Alabama Slammers

ESPN's Game of the Week sees the Rusty Trumbones take on the Alabama Slammers, second and third respectively, with just a point between them. Saves has been the Trumbones best category, where they are 14-4-1, but they have struggled in ERA, going 8-11. The Slammers, meanwhile, have relied heavily on pitching: their best hitting categoriy is SB, at only 10-8-1, but they are a stunning 18-1 in strikeouts.