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Diamondbacks 4, Marlins 5: Ernest Hemingway, Eat Your Heart Out

Where are the sharks when you need them?

Mike Ehrmann

Record: 52-69. Pace: 69-93. Change over oh who cares, really.

The Marlins always seem to play Arizona tough. I'm not basing this statement off anything more than my own hazy recollections of recent years, but it feels true.

The Diamondbacks jumped on the Marlins early, getting their first run in the first inning. Ender Inciarte drew a walk to start the game, and he was moved around the bases station by station until finally Trumbo brought him with a single.

Arizona tacked on two more runs in the 3rd with a David Peralta triple, Trumbo single, and Montero double. It gave the D-backs a 3-0 lead early on and it seemed like we might have a duck race on our hands.

Alas, it was not to be, with the Marlins striking back in their part of the third. Brad Penny, the old Snakepit lamentation, somehow hit a double, then scored when Donovan Solano hit his own double. Giancarlo Stanton thought this looked like fun but only managed a single. It was still enough to get the second run across.

The Diamondbacks would get their 4th run in the 6th off Montero's second double of the day. Trumbo scored the run, having walked to start the inning.

Miami, for its part, kept clawing away and managed to tie things up in the 8th. First they got a run back in the 6th on Hechavarria's RBI triple. Hechavarria would strike again in the 8th by hitting a single up the middle that Chad Pennington couldn't get to, allowing Valdespin to score.

Then the Marlins walked it off in the 10th with a single. At least it didn't go 18 innings.

Chase Anderson was more than serviceable tonight, going 6 innings and only giving up 3 runs. He did give up 9 hits, however, but balanced that with 5 strikeouts. I won't go so far to say I'd take that every time, but that will normally be enough to take home a win.

There was a time when even a mention of Brad Penny on the Snakepit would cause a never-ending torrent of complaints. The one who got away! Along with Uggla, and Quentin, and well you get the point. Penny's profile has dropped in recent years, and signed a minor league contract with Miami this season. He spent some time in AAA and only now is returning the majors. This is getting beyond the point, though, that Penny wasn't great but he did enough. 5 innings work, 4 runs allowed, 3 walks and 5 hits. What more could you want, D-backs?

Then the Marlins walked it off in the 10th with a single. At least it didn't go 18 innings.

Source: FanGraphs

Appetite For Destruction: Mark Trumbo (17%)

Dogman: Evan Marshall (9.8%)

Nu Metal: Brad Ziegler (-26.7%)

Math Metal: Bradin Hagens (-23.8%)

I wish this was a beercap.

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Tomorrow the D-backs continue on with a 4 game series against the Marlins. First pitch is at 4:10pm Arizona time again, so if you have nothing else going on and love pain, then you should watch.