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Diamondbacks/Indians Postponed

Jason Miller

The first three innings of tonight's game went off without a hitch. The Diamondbacks' offense was pretty quiet, getting two hits in the first, but going down in order in the second and third innings. Josh Collmenter pitched well, sitting down the first six batters he faced, but giving up one run in the third.

However, none of that matters. After Mark Trumbo walked with one out in the fourth, the rains came. They waited for over three hours. The rain mostly abated, but basically as soon as they pulled the tarp off, it started raining harder than it had all night. They dragged out the tarp again, but by then, they had no real choice to postpone the contest. Tonight's game will be made up tomorrow with a traditional double header. First pitch will be 2:05 Arizona time. There will be a thirty minute break after its conclusion, and then the second game will commence. We'll have GDT's for both games, so we shall see you then!


<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>After we signed off, Indians announced time change for Wed DH. 1st game at 105 AZ time with BP Show at 1235 on <a href="">@AZSports</a></p>&mdash; Greg Schulte (@GubnuhDbacks) <a href="">August 13, 2014</a></blockquote>

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