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Game #110: Diamondbacks vs. Pirates

You might want to take a seat. Perhaps find something solid to hold on to. For... I'm afraid I've got some... BAD NEWS... There is no Paul Goldschmidt in this evening's line-up for the Diamondbacks.

With Paul Goldschmidt as Sir Not Appearing in this Line-up.
With Paul Goldschmidt as Sir Not Appearing in this Line-up.
Norm Hall
Edinson Volquez
RHP, 8-7, 3.87
Vidal Nuño
LHP, 2-7, 4.97
Josh Harrison - LF Ender Inciarte - CF
Jordy Mercer - SS David Peralta - RF
Andrew McCutchen - CF Aaron Hill - 2B
Gaby Sanchez - 1B Miguel Montero - C
Neil Walker - 2B Mark Trumbo - LF
Russell Martin - C Jordan Pacheco - 1B
Gregory Polanco - RF Didi Gregorius - SS
Brent Morel - 3B Andy Marte - 3B
Edinson Volquez - RHP Vidal Nuno - LHP

Yeah, it has to happen, every once in a while. In this case, only for the second time this year, we will have to win without the bat of Paul Goldschmidt in the line-up. It is a bit surprisingly, because Goldie has owned Volquez, to a degree which is getting up into the thin air occupied more by Tim Lincecum, albeit in a smaller sample size. Goldschmidt is 7-for-14 against Volquez, with four doubles and a home-run, for a line of .500/.611/1.000. His spot in the line-up at #3 is taken by Aaron Hill, who is 1-for-14 with a walk. I know these kind of match-up stats are so SSS as to be dubious, but it's still a curious day to give Goldie a break.

We'll see how Nuno pitches tonight. Something something home-runs. You know the scouting report by now. Fly balls, and lots of them, but will they drop harmlessly into outfielders' gloves, or keep on going into the bleachers at Chase? He was the victim of his defense last time, with two of the four runs allowed being unearned, but that was still enough to get him tagged with the L, and he continues to look for his first W since arriving in Arizona from the Yankees. Not having our best offensive player won't make it any easier, but the other time Goldie sat, we still managed to prevail, beating the Rockies 4-2. We'll see what happens tonight.