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Reactions to the Diamondbacks deadline deals

Here's what was said about the Arizona Diamondbacks' late flurry of activity at the trade deadline: from those involved in the trades, those who executed them and outside observers.

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Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The players

"I think everybody dreams to play for the Yankees, and I never expected that in my career. I'm just looking forward to trying to find myself in a good position to play baseball. I felt like I've been up and down all this year, so now in a new place, we'll see how things are going to go." -- Martin Prado

The front-offices

"He's going to hit home runs in pretty much any park you put him in. He is probably one of the best offensive players in the minor leagues right now. He's like Trumbo. He's like Goldy. We think he is going to hit for an average, drive in runs. You have a chance to have a middle of the order catcher. Big offense."
-- Kevin Towers on Peter O'Brien

"We were very high on him when he was an amateur. Kind of profiles probably more as a corner outfielder, though, he has played center. Speed is probably the lowest grade that we have on him, but defender with a plus arm, plus power, plus hitter. A guy that will probably go to Double-A for us in Mobile, but a corner outfielder that we think could be a five- or six-hole-type hitter here in the very near future."
-- Towers on Mitch Haniger

"Pitching, especially with some of the injuries that we've had, it's a big priority. When you look at the No. 1 responsibility for all of us, it's to present a team that contends, hopefully in October. I like some of the guys on the club but I like the flexibility that we can get financially to move toward those areas of need."
-- Tony La Russa

"All three of our outfielders are right-handed. Parra is a veteran guy who can give those guys a day off or be used in matchups against certain right-handed pitching. He's a Gold Glover. He has experience at all three outfield positions. We got him to play and help us out. He hasn't played quite as much as in the past because the Diamondbacks were experimenting with younger guys."
-- Brewers general manager Doug Melvin

"We're obviously trying to improve our offensive output and give Joe (Girardi) flexible options. We're going to be asking some guys to move around... I think one of his value points is his ability to play multiple positions."
-- Yankees general manager Brian Cashman on Martin Prado.

The pundits

There is only one strategy left, and it's not spending wildly to acquire championship-caliber pitching. The Diamondbacks can't win the money game. They can only trade for a chorus line of pitching prospects, restocking the shelves for another run a few years down the line. So, yeah, the trade deadline was great theater. The A's became America's team, the Tigers countered with their own bold stroke, and the Yankees actually made a deal with their hated rivals in Boston. But in Arizona, the net result was one pitching prospect, and further proof of the long road back.
-- Dan Bickley

This haul might appear underwhelming, but consider what the Diamondbacks gave up: an outfielder with above average defense but little offensive ability who should be platooned and a utility guy who is getting older, doesn’t hit the ball hard and was owed $16M over the next two years. Those assets aren’t going to net you top prospects, and overall, I’d say they got a reasonable return based on the financial and roster flexibility they were able to create in these deals. The most encouraging sign, though, is that the team seems to have shifted its priorities for contention.
-- Jeff Wiser, Inside the Zona

Both deals were about financial flexibility but the Prado deal made the biggest impact. This deal was all about the 2015 free agent starting pitching market. MLB Trade Rumors put together a list of potential starting pitchers and there are plenty of impact guys for the Dbacks to go after... Now the Dbacks have the money to sign an impact arm, and the front office made it clear that starting pitching is priority no.1, no.2, and no.3 this offseason. Overall I think the Diamondbacks made two trades today that will help them this offseason and next year if they can acquire an impact arm.
-- Joseph Jacquez, Venom Strikes

Prado is a useful veteran; O'Brien has impressive power upside but is more of a future role player than a regular. The trade isn't a game changer either way... Parra doesn't offer the Brewers much hitting but his glove will be an asset for the stretch run. In exchange the Diamondbacks pick up a pair of Grade C+ pitching prospect and a C+/B- outfielder, which seems a reasonable return to me.
-- John Sickels, Minor League Ball