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All-star Game Selection Show Open Thread

Will the Diamondbacks have their first starter voted in since 2001? The show starts at 4pm Arizona time on ESPN.

Scott Cunningham

It seems almost a formality, considering Paul Goldschmidt was leading by about a million votes in the last official update - amusingly, over former D-back slugger, Mark Reynolds. However, there is still time for a late surge, or for the Dodgers to buy out the auditors, leading to a surprise selection of Adrian Gonzalez instead.

Could there be any other Diamondbacks chosen? That seems less likely, especially with our second- and third-ranked players by fWAR, A.J. Pollock and Chris Owings, both out of action due to injury. In fourth place, we do see Miguel Montero, who has been touted in some quarters, even though his sole credential seems to be leading the league in runs batted in by a catcher. In terms of fWAR, he sits a mere seventh in the league, and one imagines it will probably be the likes of Yadier Molina, Jonathan Lucroy and Devin Mesoraco who will be getting the call.

On the pitching side, it's hard to envisage a scenario where any of our starters get chosen, except for a SyFy original movie, involving 14 simultaneous meteor strikes on the other cities in the National League. There's always a sprinkling of relievers, but there are plenty of closers who have more saves than Addison Reed's 20. Maybe Brad Ziegler as a fringe candidate, just for amusement\? But even his shiny 2.23 ERA isn't that great in the new, low run environment: it doesn't even put him in the top 30 among NL relievers with 20+ innings of work.

I've a feeling it's going to be Goldschmidt and that's it. I'd be content with this, because it's not as if this team "deserves" anyone else, given that there's no-one else with a worse record in baseball at this point.