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Beercap Yarrrrrrrrr!!!!!11!!!!!!1!1 Dbacks...not yar. Lose 1-5 to Pittsburgh

There be losing in this post, yarrrrrrrrrr

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports


"Yarrr, bury the Dbacks season deep me lads!!!"

Beer 1: Cherry Berlinerweisse by Mudshark Brewing
  • This is a weird one; kinda a sour and kinda a hefe. This style tends to have an aroma of fresh parmesan, which sounds awful, and kinda is but it's a style that's not for everyone. Forced myself to order this since I'm trying to expand my palate.
  • East Coast games be messin with me schedule......yar
  • Missed the first three innings, and that was after leaving work about 30mins early. Sigh.
  • Down 1-3 thanks (from what I can hear on the radio) to Chase Anderson being quite hittable and Polanco being Polanco.
  • Offense, as has been the case recently, is frustrating. Starting to feel really sorry for Goldy.
  • Must be nice being a fan of a team with a bright future like the Pirates.
  • Just got an "accidental" beer delivered to me. Even with Polanco getting on base again there is hope.
  • Hope then fades as Prado tries to be a hero and make an impossible throw, which turns into a wild throw. Runners on 2nd and 3rd with McClutchen up to bat.
  • Bases juiced, bottom of the 4th, like this season all good feelings are gone.
  • Shocked to think of just how aweful our starting pitching has been. Our pitching staff sure as hell better look VERY different next season.


"Be these Dbacks, or be these skallywags?"

Beer 2 (accidental free): Alesmith IPA by Alesmith
  • Free beer is good and God how I love this beer! Alesmith I'm pretty sure has never made a bad beer....ever. Great citrusy west coast style IPA.
  • Delgado just saved the day in the bottom of the 4th. A sentence I never thought I'd write.
  • Goldy truly is an island of greatness in a sea of suck. Gets on base when all others fail at life.
  • Despites Goldy's unending efforts to be awesome, no one else seems to be able to follow.
  • Delgado (He-of-the-long-ball) dodges a bullet. Somehow Martin's hit didn't go out, and we almost got him out at second. Silver lining I guess.
  • 1-3 and another half inning goes by without any offense. Injuries and subpar play have forever cursed this season.


Pirate Metal be a thing yarrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

Beer 3: Moyander Imperial IPA w/ Muscat Grapes by Moylans Brewing Co.
  • Well...this is a first for me. A beer with muscat grapes. Don't even know what those are or look like. Whatever they are they seem to go well with a big 8.5% abv IPA. Nom nom nom nom
  • Bottom of the 6th and somehow Delgado has powered through three innings without giving up a run. Truly the Lord works in mysterious ways.
  • 1-3 and Thatcher cruises through the bottom of the 7th. The TouchTunes jute box in this bar has been broken for at least three months. The bar wont fix their piss poor wifi and TouchTunes wont help until they do. Smart.
  • Goldy, sweet prince of offense, goes back to the bench without a hit for the first time tonight.
  • Monte, frustrating bludgeon of power, gets on base after being hit by a pitch. Offense. The offense, like cake, is a lie.
  • Stites not quite living up to his closer-in-the-wings role. 1-4
  • McClutchen comes through again ........1-5


Pirates may dream of home, but Dbacks fans dream of wins.

In closing, another unremarkable game during an unremarkable season.  Dbacks lose 1-5 and it was never really close.  Yar?