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Game #107: Diamondbacks @ Reds

After last night's marathon outing, both teams will be hoping their starters can work deep into this evening's game. But just in case, Arizona has a plan B - as in Bo...

Norm Hall
Today's Lineups
Trevor Cahill
RHP, 1-7, 5.72
Mike Leake
RHP, 7-9, 3.73
Ender Inciarte - CF Billy Hamilton - CF
Aaron Hill - 2B Ramon Santiago - 2B
Paul Goldschmidt - 1B Todd Frazier - 3B
Miguel Montero - C Devin Mesoraco - C
Mark Trumbo - LF Brayan Pena - 1B
Martin Prado - 3B Donald Lutz - LF
Gerardo Parra - RF Skip Schumaker - RF
Didi Gregorius - SS Zack Cozart - SS
Trevor Cahill - RHP Mike Leake - RHP

The Diamondbacks will have an extra arm, having called up Bo Schultz from the Reno Aces, but let's see who else might be available. Here are the other men in the bullpen for Arizona tonight, along with their usage patterns and number of pitches since the team's last day off on Thursday:

Player Fri 25 Sat 26 Sun 27 Mon 28
Addison Reed 24 26
Brad Ziegler 24 27
Eury de la Rosa 39
Evan Marshall 17 21 15
Matt Stites 13 5
Oliver Perez 11 10 22
Randall Delgado 21 15 30

That's not as bad as I feared it might be, though we did have three arms throwing more than 25 pitches to get us through yesterday. The relatively light usage on Sunday's game means that only Delgado was used consecutively last night, so I imagine they'll try to stay away from him. Marshall and Perez have both worked three of the last four, so will perhaps be towards the bottom of the list. But Hopefully, Cahill can get us six innings, and Schultz take us the rest of the way.  Worth noting the excellent work by the bullpen in general this month, posting a sub-three ERA going into tonight, which is the fifth best for July in the NL.

It doesn't appear the Reds have made a matching move to help out their relievers. They did throw one inning and about 20 pitches fewer. The load was different there, with a couple of their bullpen arms requiring only 11 and 13 pitches, and two more not being used at all. They probably have a bit more confidence in their starter going deeper, with Leake's median outing this season being 6.2 innings, rather that Cahill's four.