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SnakeBytes, 7/29: Long run edition

Well, for a 15-inning game, it was over quite quickly, really. The team improved to 13-0 when their pitchers get at least 45 outs (but more on that Thursday).

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Joe Robbins

[AP] Ahmed sends D-backs past Reds in 15th - As the game went one with no hint that either team was capable of scoring, Arizona catcher Miguel Montero became philosophical. "I knew eventually it was going to go one way or the other," he said. "You get into a game like this, everybody is trying to end it," manager Kirk Gibson said. "You tell yourself not to do it, but that's the reality of it." "Just nothing was falling in for either team, really," Ahmed said.

[AZ Central] Diamondbacks top the Reds in 15 innings - To get an idea of how scintillating the Diamondbacks' 2-1, 15-inning victory was on Monday night, consider that some of the loudest cheers heard at Great American Ball Park came in the top of the 14th inning when the 30,288 in attendance were assured free pizza courtesy of an in-game promotion... Chapman threw a total of 20 pitches. Fifteen were fastballs — and none came in slower than 101 mph. Five registered at 103 mph and one, a pitch that Paul Goldschmidt somehow managed to foul off, was 104 mph.

[[ Ahmed's RBI single wins it for D-backs in 15 - "It was just a long game," Kirk Gibson said. "Great pitching on both sides. We just kept pushing. You don't score, you get into games like this and everybody's trying to end it. You try to tell yourself not to do it but the reality of it is, that's what happens. We hung in there and got the win." As players showered and dressed after the game, Gibson told them he was cancelling batting practice for Tuesday and he did not want players showing up early as they usually do. Instead, he said, they should get some extra rest and ride the team bus over at 1 p.m. MST, for the 4:10 p.m. game.

[ArizonaSports] Rookie Ahmed makes difference in Diamondbacks' marathon win over Reds - Diamondbacks right-hander Chase Anderson tied his career-longest start, as he went 7.0 innings on Monday. He settled down nicely after a rough second inning that saw him give up the only three hits -- one being a homer -- and one run he would allow all evening. Anderson, 26, struck out eight and walked two in 89 pitches. Led by Anderson's eight K's, Diamondbacks pitchers struck out 18 batters Monday. Brad Ziegler and Evan Marshall both added three, with Marshall getting all of his in just one inning of work.

Team News

[AZ Central] Kirk Gibson wants MLB review of home-plate play - "The play is over, but if they're thinking about a regulation or a new rule, they have to take a play like this into consideration. I would hope it would help clarify the regulations. It's a unique situation. And if they're not looking at this angle, I think they should be... I don't think Miggy could do anything differently," Gibson said. "It's a pure reaction play. … It's not like he can stand there and not react to (the throw). He had to react to it. It took him into the lane."

[FOX Sports] Confusing plate-blocking rule has Montero longing for collision days - "What am I supposed to do?'" Montero said he told the umpires. "Just stand there where I needed to be and let the ball go, or should I go and get it? "The throw took me there. I went and got the ball. I have no clue where to go on this kind of a play. I'd much rather be killed. I'd much rather be run over. It's an awkward rule. Let the game alone. It's been this way for 100 years. It's kind of not fun anymore."

[] Hill out of starting lineup, but hand on mend "Good enough," Hill said, when asked how the hand feels when he swings. "It's better than it was yesterday, so that was good, but they felt one more day would be better. If they need me to do something tonight, if I need to hit tonight, I'll hit tonight." X-rays taken of the hand Saturday night were negative. [Hill was the last Arizona hitter bat, flying out with two down in the 15th inning]

[] Hansen: D'backs snuffing life out of former fans - The reason the Diamondbacks are no longer celebrated (or liked much) in Tucson is because they are awful. They are unrecognizable and unwatchable. At 46-60, with no prospect of making a charge (now or in the near future) they are not good news... It’s one thing to mortgage the future by paying for Randy Johnson. It’s another to pay J.J. Putz $13 million for six saves since 2012.

[ESPN] Rumblings & Grumblings - The Diamondbacks are telling teams they'd talk about moving closer Addison Reed, but aren't likely to move reliever Brad Ziegler. Arizona is also still listening on Aaron Hill, Oliver Perez and, for the right offer, Martin Prado and Josh Collmenter.

[Miami Herald] Continued surge could put Miami Marlins in buy mode for a starting pitcher - The Marlins have stated that they would like to add a starting pitcher, especially one they can control beyond this season. Among the pitchers that fit the profile and the Marlins are thought to be considering [is] Arizona lefty Wade Miley, who is also three seasons away from free agency.

And, elsewhere...

[Baseball Law Reporter] The Supreme Court of Missouri Declares that Getting Hit by a Hot Dog is Not an Inherent Risk of Attending a Royals Baseball Game - "Mr. Shores attempted to throw a hotdog behind his back in the direction of Mr. Coomer, just as Mr. Coomer turned to look at the scoreboard. The hotdog reportedly hit Mr. Coomer in the face with enough force to knock off his hat.. Two days after the occurrence, Mr. Coomer first began to notice vision problems. He was ultimately diagnosed with a detached retina and cataracts in his eye - allegedly as a result of the errant toss."

[MiLB] Minors' outlandish jerseys take spotlight - Darth Maul, Ninja Turtles and chihuahuas. Brooklyn, Fresno and El Paso all roll out some of the craziest theme uniforms this season.

[ESPN[ How to throw an awesome first pitch? By breaking blocks with your head first - In Japan they had a pretty spectacular idea: Get actress-slash-martial artist (and not the other way around) Rina Takeda to break 10 cement blocks with her head, then toss out the ceremonial ball before a game between Chiba Lotte Marines and Saitama Seibu Lions. Beat that, 50 Cent. [Takeda is no joke, incidentally]