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Free Nick Evans: Mission accomplished, Japan beckons

It's being reported that Nick Evans has signed with a Japanese team, the Rakuten Golden Eagles

Scott Cunningham

Perhaps falling into the category of "not sure if it warrants its own story," but it does affect the 25-man roster, which is usually my marker for such things. And I've got 10 minutes to kill, which is probably enough time to write up a full history of Evans' contribution to the 2014 Diamondbacks, in all its 21 plate-appearance glory. That's really not very much, considering he did spend quite a bit of time on the roster. He was first called up on May 28, to replace Alfredo Marte, being sent back down on June 12, when we claimed Jordan Pacheco. He then came back up on June 27, effectively when Pacheco went on the DL. So, I figure that's about six and a half weeks for his 21 PAs.

All told, he was 5-for-21, with one home-run - his first hit as a Diamondback, coming in his first start on June 3 in Colorado. He had a grand total of three starts, but this will happen when your primary position is first-base, and we have Paul Goldschmidt. He did start one game at third, and was also designated hitter for a game in Houston. His overall line was .238/.238/.476 for a .714 OPS. No word as yet on what roster change the D-backs will make to fill his spot on the 25-man roster. Mike Jacobs has been the main 1B for the Aces, and is left-handed, but his OPS there is only .847 - while that might sound good, as a comparison, Nick Ahmed hit .822 with Reno.

UPDATE: Phones may need to be held.